Pu Shiming stared at the candles,Outside, the golden lion and purple dragon stared at the surrounding vigilantly,Seems to have found something threatening。

A weird cry,It’s like the hungry intestines of a huge creature squirming。
Suddenly this little temple shook,Rose rapidly from the ground,Then the temple gate suddenly closed,I was so scared that Zhu Minglang and Pu Shiming hurriedly jumped out。
When two people jump off,Already in midair,And the foundation of that small temple is surprisingly deep,The process of continuous ascent has not yet seen the bottom。
When Zhu Minglang and Pu Shiming go to see this sacrificial temple again,I realized that this is not a temple at all,But a bizarre thing with a temple head!
Its body,Plunge into the soil like a radish,And its head,This is the temple made of piled stones,So-called door,But it keeps its open mouth!
Mud body,Stone skull,The whole body is covered with colorful mushrooms,There are countless things similar to roots。
“what’s this!”Pu Shiming said in surprise。
“One of the fairy ghosts,13,000 years cultivation base,It’s it。”Zhu Minglang said with certainty。
How many varieties of fairy ghosts,Now the major forces are not clear,This is a powerful holy spirit never seen before,And the reason why they become so scary,It is said to have a certain relationship with the folk worship on this land。
Enshrined,Should be a fairy,As for why evil turned into a fairy ghost who wantonly slaughtered practitioners,There is no way to know。
Fairy ghosts don’t attack ordinary people much,Especially civilians,They basically only have practitioners in their eyes。
This makes people in this area more convinced,The fairy ghost is the incarnation of the so-called earth only,Punish those dragon shepherds and mortals who practice against the sky。
The Saint Lion Zilong has pounced on it,It has claws like a lion,And powerful fangs,The whole body is covered with solid scales like amethyst,This makes the Saint Lion Zilong’s melee fighting ability very powerful。
The fairy ghost of the stone temple is good at some demon methods,It stepped on the ground,Shook the rocks everywhere in the air,Then the fairy ghost opened his limbs,Like a magnet,Attached all nearby rocks to its body。
“Clang clang clang!!!!!!”
Every rock,Become part of its body,No matter how the holy lion purple dragon destroys its parts,Stones will fly from a distance soon,Fill up the damaged part。