“That is based on the practice,After the spa is finished, it is playing table tennis.。”Science directly refers to the ball table。

Now this year,There should be no claims from the motherland to bring a table tennis racial talent.,Everyone should accept this proposal。
Then you can show your own racial talent,嘿嘿 嘿。
Before here,Kohong has brushed the table tennis skill volume and the ski skill volume.,Whenever he hopes to brush to the desired skill,The probability of the people carrying this skill volume will be in the near future,And appear opposite his chessboard。
The white dream is smashed.:“OK,I have always been confident on my table tennis technology.,You will put horses”
“Come,Tonight’s words take the table。”Shao Yan suddenly pulled an English book from the bidet.。
“Why do you bring this kind of thing in your bathroom?!”
Bai Dream is like the Shagong to learn to study。
“White Dream, she recently,It seems that it is very hard.。”Kohumido,I http://www.crosh.cn always think that her recent people seem to have a change in the sky.。
Water City laughs and responds:“Everyone has worked hard in their respective fields.,You have to cheer in Xiao Guang.。”
These two,Eagle also mentioned the bidet,Go out:“I am not interested in this.,First go back to the house and rest。”
that’s it,There are only four people left in the blink of an eye.。
I feel that I can make a table mahjong。
“cut,Eagle is gone,This is bored.,We still have a skiing on it tomorrow.。”Xiong Sakuo,Boring。
“That’s so decided.,We also rushed the road a day,It’s a rest.,goodbye。”
The small team mode officially announced,Corporation。
So what should I do now??
After the hot springs,The whole person is also a little sleepy,But look at this empty hotel,I can’t help but want to explore http://www.meilesc.cn insurance,Find a stimulation。
But the directory is finally finally decided to rest.,What is really true?,But because the status did not make up,That’s god。
Before returning to the house,He also deliberately read the situation of bamboo knife forging,This person is still unconscious,It is expected to wait until tomorrow can come to the god.,Wait until he can mention the animal,It is estimated that tomorrow night.。
Reclaimed back to the room,I thought about the snow scene outside the window.。
Snow is much smaller than just a lot.,Come out fine,But in the case of the cold wind, the wind is passed.。
It is that the science is more and more, I feel that there must be an incident to happen.。
But unfortunately,This appearance has no chessboard。
He also tried other chessboards that can not reach props transmitting http://www.hrbyueqi.cn effects.,But the result is not effective。
Have a profession for so long?,Corporation’s chessboard has been updated,From the first school community, the plastic chessboard, which is sent to the bamboo board.,Changed to a slightly high-level spruce chessboard now,The location of the item refreshes is also replaced on these board.。
Specifically, the code is mainly used.,Which chessboard is brushed?,That is to say, now I’m going to have a chessboard back.,It is a brush.。
But this is not necessarily。
With your current chess,The link to the god of quantum mechanics is much stronger than the past.,Maybe you can break a small case。