The price of Chenpi has risen, and the most profitable this year.

  (Original title) The new meeting is beginning to enter the picking of red citrus, the tangerine price rose agronomizes this year’s most profitable mandarin farm will be filled with citrus citrus.In addition to the season of the new meeting, the season of listed, in the past few days, in the Xinhui District, Jiangmen City, Tianma, Sanjiang, etc.The reporter learned that the new faders have different picking time each year, and the small broth picking time is approximately in May. It is used to make small citrus tea. The green citrus (production of green skin) is approximately in October; two red citrus (Making the second red tangerine peel) Picking time is roughly started in early November; and the new club red citrus (production of red tangerine peel) Picking time is from November-December, currently, the new consequences began to enter the time of picking big red citries.

  60 mu of citriary profits are expected to have more than 2 million yuan in a citrus in the Xinhui Sanjiang Town. Mr. He Mr. He, introduced to the reporter. Due to the management, 60 acres of citriar gardens have a good harvest, many mandarin trees The output of 200 pounds is reached, with an average of more than 7,000 pounds per mu, this year, the price is more than 10 yuan per pound of citriary, and the price is doubled last year. Mr. He said that he planted 60 acres of new consequences, with an income of 70,000 yuan per acre, with a total revenue reached 4 million yuan, removing costs, this year’s profit is expected to have more than 2 million yuan, this year is the most profitable year since last years.

  Mr. He Mr. this year’s new conference increases: On the one hand, it may be the overall production of new figures, but the most important thing is that this year’s new consequences have risen sharply, this year, there are many from Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Dongguan, Foshan and other places have come directly to the citriary garden, this year’s new consequences, the citriase is in short, many citizens who come to purchase, have been orders in one month ago. Mr. He introduced that the new population is also known as the new population or the mandarin, the new will be red, the skin is used, and the soul of the medicine is the biggest feature of the new faders. After picking up the new conference, after peeling, in the dry weather conditions, after two or three days, you can go public, according to the current weather, this year’s income is very stable.

  Mr. He introduced that if you plant the new will be citrened into Chenpi, according to each 100 pounds, 5 pounds will come out to calculate, the price of the tangerine peptide per pound is 200 yuan, this year has more than 2 million yuan profit. .

  The traditional agriculture and cultural creative industry combined with reporters learned that the past newly tangerine peel planted with small farmers as the main, and the small farmers who were scattered were sold to the farmer’s market. Until 1996, the entire new will have only 3 million yuan. . Since 2000, the new will have a rapid development. People are employed, and the national rural industries are selected. In the past five years, the revitalization of the Xinhui District Rural Revitalization has successfully created the modern agricultural industrial park in Xinhui District, Jiangmen City, Guangdong Province. The park is the first national modern agricultural industrial park in Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao, China, through the Agricultural Rural Department in 2019 Determine.

The total area of ??the industrial park is 430 square kilometers, covering 105 administrative villages, with the new meeting of Chenpi as the leading industry, has formed a "big base + large processing + large technology + large-scale service" modern development modern agricultural industrial park Development pattern.

  At present, in the industrial park, there are many Chenpi Cultural Industrial Park combined with traditional agriculture and cultural and cultural creative industries. Yesterday, the reporter came to the new meeting "Chen Pei People’s Home Agricultural Cultural Creative Park", the park is located on the banks of Yinzhou Lake, Shuangshui Town, Xinhui District, Jiangmen City, a total of 1,000 acres of new population base. "There is a wealth of agricultural resources nearby, relying on the location advantages and industrial foundation, due to local conditions, highlighting the function of new meeting, agricultural culture, integration, integration into culture, technology, brand, sightseeing, picking and other travel elements, exploring the unique new Will mandarin planting road: with land to raise citris, cultural education.

"Mr. Xie, the person in charge of the creative garden, said to the reporter.

  It is understood that from 2016, the park began to build a new meeting of cash with murderous agricultural sectors, ecological sectors, research and development plates, tourist sections, warehousing sections, etc. Multi-dimensional development model.

The business involves the modernization of new conferences, Chenpi tea production, new meeting, new meeting, new will, new conferences Operating modern agriculture group. It is understood that the creative garden has a scientific and agricultural demonstration zone, a new consecutive citrus pure seed conservation base, a new meeting, the theme of the ambition, the new meeting, the world, the civil society, the cultural exhibition hall, the brand area, service creative district And Litchi Park, etc.

At present, Xinhui Chen Pei People’s Agricultural Cultural Creative Park has become the industry research base of Jiangmen Branch of Guangdong Province this year and Jiangmen City Humanities and Social Sciences Popularization Base. Promote agricultural products traceability system and large data platform construction In order to make consumers to buy real new will, Xinhui District vigorously promote the construction of agricultural products traceability system and large data platform, focus on the improvement of new meeting, processing and sales, etc. System, establish a new population of 3369 mu of planning area, and create a new annual creating a total area of ??nearly 10,000 mu to create a GAP (standardized planting) demonstration base to establish a new meeting of Guangdong Province and the country. Citrus cultivation comprehensive standardization demonstration area, formulated and promulgated "Geographical Sign Products New Club" "Geographical Sign Products Xinhui" 2 Guangdong Province local standards, "Xinhui Chen Pue Pu’er Tea" and other 8 alliance standards, 76 companies pass The State Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine approves the use of geographical logo product protection dedicated signs.

  On November 15 this year, the Ministry of Agricultural Rural Ministry of Rural Development publicizes the list of key chains and typical counties in the national agricultural whole industry chain, including 63 industrial chain counties such as Chenpi’s full industrial chain, Guangdong Province, Guangdong. 31 key chains, etc. of the province’s lychee full industry chain.

The new meeting area of ??the list of typical counties in the whole industry has been selected, and there is a reputation of "China’s Peel Township". (Wen, Figure / Guangzhou Daily Full Media Reporter Huang Wensheng).