The older the old man’s physical health, the more he should look up.

The older the old man’s physical health, the more he should look up.

Chinese people say “stay like a pine, sit like a bell”, such a man is so chic and straight, women are slim.

Once over 60 years old, it seems that the hunchback has been taken for granted, and people often do not feel the need for amendment.

In fact, from the perspective of mental health, the older you should, the more you should look up.

  What kind of feedback do people most want to get in their interactions?

Certainly yes.

Suppose you are screaming, the audience is like a smashed eggplant, and your eyes are locked like a money, and your heart is as uncomfortable as squatting.

On the contrary, if the figure is straight like a spring tree, the eyes look at the speaker, and the appropriate expression, then such a person must make people feel open, open, easy to get close, and naturally it is easy to establish good interpersonal relationships.

For the elderly, good social support and communication is a “priceless treasure” to promote mental health!

  The so-called people are from the heart.

Because there are many “sparkling and hot stage” when they are young, they realize self-worth, and the chances of getting affirmation are greatly reduced. Inevitably, lack of confidence, self-esteem is also more fragile, and the old man’s face is getting thinner and thinner.

Therefore, when people associate “aging” with “breasted back”, a waistline is straight and the old man who is striding forward naturally makes the younger generation look at it, and it will definitely attract the envious eyes of his peers. These views will cause the elderly to be more “It’s a gratifying virtuous circle.

  There is a saying that is good, a behavior determines habit, a habit determines character, and a character determines fate.

The most important thing is to create a positive psychological suggestion.

The shape of the tortoise is weak, resisting the performance of the imperfect and negative coping, and always pay attention to correct the posture, which is equivalent to constantly reminding myself: I am active, and even difficult, I am also fighting high spirits.

The influence of posture is not only psychological.

Scientists have found that raising the chest can increase lung capacity by about 20%, which is also conducive to the smooth delivery of blood. The brain is the most oxygen-consuming organ in the body. Therefore, the chest can ensure that the brain maintains agile thinking, good memory, and avoidance.”Brain failure.”