RW Man lost to CW to create an awkward history. Has the Knight changed to Clamp?

RW Man lost to CW to create an awkward history. Has the “Knight” changed to “Clamp”?
In today’s KPL (King’s Glory Professional League) Winter Crown Cup selection, CW defeated RW Man and became the first KRKPL team to defeat the KPL team.This is the first time since the establishment of the KRKPL division that it won from the KPL division team.While CW celebrated the creation of history, netizens complained about it, and the “man” of the RW knight team became “clamp” because it was too shameful.The KRKPL division team has never defeated the KPL team in the BO1 format during the World Championship.KPL has been established for 7 seasons, and KRKPL has only 3 seasons. The team level and the KPL division score, both in terms of system integrity and tactical play, are a big difference.But in the three matches against the KPL division, the KRKPL division team is growing rapidly.The goal of the KRKPL team in this Winter Cup is to defeat the KPL team.In today’s game, the CW team did it.After the game, the coach of the CW team was very excited and couldn’t help laughing at all. For them, this victory was an unexpected gain.In contrast, because of this defeat, RW Man ended the journey to the Winter Crown Cup.Xie Zhencheng could not save the RW man.The official photo of the club lost to the KRKPL team. Is the RW man really not good enough?In the KPL autumn game that just ended, they reached the top six, and their overall strength is in the middle and upper reaches of the KPL region.But in this game, the entire team of RW-Man exposed major communication problems.The team’s 5 members were divided into two halves. The ace player Xie Zhencheng (ID: Crossover) was difficult to support. He could only watch his opponent break crystals, but he was blocked in the upper half of the field and could not go home.RW’s defeat also sounded the alarm for other KPL teams.As with other competitive events, as long as you neglect the enemy, you will be punished.