Classic 12 strokes conquer your pillow man

Classic 12 strokes conquer your pillow man

Some people say that women are made of water. In fact, women are like flowers and need irrigation, warmth and sunshine.

The source of happiness for men is like a car. You can make him want to love you like driving a car, because you are the goddess in his heart.

In the relationship, he is often eager to get your love, even if you are married to his wife for decades.

You should always let him know that you have other pursuers. Although you don’t have to really have to date these suitors, you must let him know that if you like, you can make “actions”, but you stillChoose to be with him.

You can use the imaginary competition with these men to satisfy his love of chasing.

  The right amount of teasing men love to be teased. To stimulate them, first delay, and even stop him from making further requests when appropriate, so that his desire and excitement will expand.

If he is deeply attracted to you, his desire for sex is urgent.

In this case, you are likely to be dominated by his desires, but if you want to keep a sense of excitement, you should control the speed at which the vehicle is driving – that is, slow it down to the speed you need.

  Without undressing, can he please how he gradually interacts with him to maintain his excitement and desire?

It is impossible to say “no”, this can be used to face the lure of drugs, but it is difficult to talk to a favorite partner.

When a man’s sexual request is rejected, he will think that his wife must not like him or dislike sex.

This blow to him is unbearable.

  So you should let him know that you like him, you have been deeply attracted to him (if that is true).

Try to look at him affectionately, and then tell him that “the speed is not up.”

  In the daily life of your marriage, try to discover some interesting and beneficial activities. Many times, a pair of lovers quickly meet each other just because they are doing nothing at home.

You can also try to wear some clothes that are difficult to take off.

  Of course, couples who love to burn and love each other will have an intimate relationship, but if everything becomes a habit, even the most sincere people will get bored or even run away.

So no matter how he understands you, you should also maintain a certain mystery.

Shakespeare has a famous saying: “She is most satisfied when she feels the most newborn.

“Proper attention can reduce his confusion. Although it is not easy to get it is a good thing, but let him feel that he will always get it but it will suffer everyone.”

Even men who are sincere and patience will be disappointed and bored, or even collapse.

Modern women hope that although they are already in marriage, let him pursue you, but if you often disappear, he will lose the goal of chasing, so that he will feel overwhelmed and even at a loss.

So try to give him more attention. You need to care about your child, your career, your interests and your friends, but often ignore him – he actually needs your concern.

Many times when a man has an affair, it does not necessarily mean that he needs a new sexual partner, but that his other half replaces him with enough care.

  Give him some surprises, occasionally put on sexy underwear, flirt on the phone, play different roles, write a hot love letter, write down the romantic things in the diary and let him see it “inadvertently”, in short, trigger himImagination.

Try wrapping a hand-knit sweater in floral paper and adding a table to write “Don’t let it cool, let it warmly come home!”

“The note, anyone will look warm in my heart.”

  Women can be active in some way in the relationship between the sexes. It can be straightforward or meticulous. In short, he makes people think about it.

You can also try new poses, props, and create new ideas and atmospheres, but don’t forget.

The positive development is to know when it is appropriate.

  The bohemian language teasing attempts to stimulate him with your sexy voice, there will be unexpected effects, and sometimes some of the three-level jokes that are difficult to toothy may stimulate our nerves.

If your partner feels that this is very attractive but you think it is a squat, try to communicate with him.

  Flirting Unless you are a jealous or extremely conservative man, you may occasionally show a sexy side – sexy dress, wild dance or gentle flirting can bring him satisfaction.

But no matter what, you must let him know that you are sexy for him.

But the boundaries of each person’s mind are different, so you should understand each other’s definition of stimulus and crisis.

  Bringing stimulating wisdom to you with your wisdom can be very sexy and attractive. Men don’t dislike smart women.

Your wisdom can bring a sense of humor and freshness to your love life.

His spiritual satisfaction and desire for sex also require your wisdom.  Avoiding Fraud If you both believe in monogamy, you should not make a deviant behavior.

If you are out of the wall, he will soon notice and lose interest in you. This kind of betrayal is not a kind of stimulation, but an important factor that undermines your relationship.

To get a sense of freshness in a sexual relationship, the most straightforward method is not necessarily to change one object. You can also spend more time thinking about finding new ideas with your partner. If you do it with your heart, he will feel it.

You can show many aspects of women, such as changing the dress and image often – mature, youthful, strong, and even unconstrained.

When you are having sex, you can pretend that you are a different woman. If he gets so much from you, how can he ask for it?

  Does he not accept women too active?

  Some men like women to take the initiative to tease them, but others think that men should always be in a proactive position. When women are too active and excited, they may feel humiliated.

If he doesn’t receive your signal like a cowhide lantern, or if you hinted that he would retreat, his desire may be lower than that of other men. Don’t be surprised by this, otherwise the situation may worsen.

To improve communication between the two sides, you may wish to seek the assistance of a psychologist.

  Making love is not a fight. Stimulating him does not necessarily mean engaging in violence. Although men often use violent means to vent, try to help him to get satisfaction in a happy way.

If you think that the way he treats you is almost abused, it is best to leave him.

  The cumulative irritating sensation gradually increases the age and marital life for a long time, and people’s interest in sex may gradually decrease, but not the same law.

You can always bring freshness to each other.

Long-term relationships can’t help but experience high tides and low tides. If you want flowers to be always in full bloom, you must carefully irrigate them.