Although I don’t understand what it means to be kicked by a donkey,But it’s definitely not a good thing,But since the boss is caring about his own face, I don’t care about him,Smirked twice,Statham says:“You are right,Emily is a good woman。”

“Then why are you hesitating?”
“I want Emily to work in Detroit,But Emily can’t bear his current job。”
It turned out to be because of this,Chen Geng nodded:“This is normal,This kind of thing can’t be rushed,Take it easy。”
“But my suggestion,It’s better for you two to remarry as soon as possible,”Chen Geng said:“There are not many good women like Emily,Hold on tightly when you meet……”
“boss?”Statham’s expression is obviously anxious:What do you mean?
“You know Emily is a good woman,Are other men blind??”Chen Geng snorted,Said to Statham honestly:“As long as this man is not a fool,You should know that when you meet such a good woman, you should do everything possible to catch it,Don’t you hurry up to find a way to remarry Emily,I really waited until she was caught by someone else,You can’t cry until you cry。”
Chen Geng’s words obviously scared Statham,He trembled twice,Forcibly justify:“Will not……Emily is not such a person……”
“whispering sound……No one denies that Emily is a good woman,But from a legal perspective,Emily is single now,You are not by her side,Could it stop other men from pursuing her??”Chen Geng’s contemptuous tone:“We have an old saying in China,Called Ye Chang Meng Duo,No matter what happens for a long time, unexpected changes will happen,of course,If you don’t worry about others sleeping with your wife、Hit your baby、Spend your money,You just dragged,It’s ok,Emily is not my wife anyway。”
Statham’s face turned pale,He trembled:“boss,Won’t be so serious?”
“What do you say?”Chen Geng raised his eyebrows,Rhetorical question。