Followed by,Chen Wenjin appeared outside the school again,And when I came, I took the butterfly and drove away,Don’t know where。

Are they covert,Went around and actually went to the rental house for a date?
Hui can’t help but think so,Can’t bear it anymore。
Things must come to an end,Can’t continue walking in this state out of her control。
If this continues,Even though Chen Wenjin was only using the butterfly grudge,Will you be in love over time??
At that time,Completely out of control。
Hui can’t wait any longer,So she did something she wouldn’t have done,Ask Abao for the key。
If Abao doesn’t give it,That means Chen Wenjin is in the rental house,Then she will wait at the door。
Even if you don’t give the key,She will still come and wait。
because——A Bao will definitely call Chen Wenjin about this。
Hui doesn’t know how long to wait,But tonight,Even if she waited for one night,Will wait!
It’s late at night。
Door opened,light is on。
Butterflies are talking cheerfully,Put a bag of food and drink on the table。
Hui opened the room door and walked out,With confidence in ignoring butterflies,Staring closely at Chen Wenjin’s eyes and said:“Let’s talk alone。”
Butterfly looked at Hui and smiled,Immediately took a packet of potato chips from the bag,open,Eating on the sofa,Say:“Let’s talk,I make the computer sound louder,Can’t hear。”
Hui saw the butterfly taking out the laptop,Very surprised,But I don’t think it was Chen Wenjin’s gift。
Chen Wenjin entered the room,Hui closed the door tightly,Locked,Walk to the window,Looking out the window,Asked him sadly:“Where am i sorry for you?”
“I’m sorry these four words are too heavy,Not currently。”In Chen Wenjin’s memory, Hui has no principled sorry。
“Even though i might hide something from you,But there are reasons I think are necessary。Why do you treat me like this?I gave myself to you,Can’t you get a little bit more tolerance and understanding??I know you deliberately used butterflies to stimulate me,But I can’t believe you would hurt me deliberately like this!Since I am not sorry for you,Why are you so cruel to me?”Hui said when,Holding body,Sobbing。