“The reason why the occult medicine is powerful,Because before they got the secret medicine power,First of all, there is no one in the world.。Have already cultivated strong strength,Please stand up!”Lu Menglin shouted and asked。

There are thousands of people on the huge campus,But finally stood up,But only a few people。
Fat Dun and Liu Yi,Monk Miaoping,And the deputy captain of the second team,A middle-aged uncle who looks rather wretched。
There are only four people,And an old man standing beside Jiang Jinghong,After hesitating for a while,Standing in front of Lu Menglin。
Deputy Captain of Team Two,That wretched middle-aged uncle’s surname is Zhu Mingjian,Zhang Qingtan’s right and left hand,Responsible for close combat cover。And another old man,Is an old military doctor in the Iron Lion army,Before he stands up,No one knows that he is also a strong warrior。
obviously,This old military doctor should be Jiang Jiazheng in the army,The master Gang Jin invited to protect Jiang Jinghong。
He had to stand up,Because just now under Lu Menglin’s glance,I can’t hide my identity at all,Rather than offending a super power like Lu Menglin,It’s more cost-effective to stand up obediently。
Plus this old military doctor,In the entire Iron Lion army,Except for Lu Menglin himself,There are only five Gang Jin masters in total。
It can be seen that,A Thousand Army,And Gang Jin masters are not available,It’s no exaggeration to say that it’s a million。
“Five of you,Write down your experience in cultivating Gangjin and give it to me,I will guide you alone,Help you to train Gang Jin through your whole body。”Lu Menglin said lightly。
“what?You have a way to do this?”The old military doctor who was invited by the Jiang family was surprised。
Like Fat Dun and Liu Yi,Naturally confident in Lu Menglin,Don’t think it’s weird。
Miao Ping knows that the instructor Lu has a deep friendship with Master Eight Chase,Naturally choose to trust him。