In other words, they only see a face,Actually, there are three more,They are closely related to each other,Form a whole。

As for how to compare,In other words, although Yingzi’s restaurant is good,But it’s not as much as one tenth here。
In the capital of the country,Hotels of this level abound,But for places outside the capital,Nature is the most luxurious place。
“how,Is there a problem?”
They don’t worry about money,Xia Chenglong didn’t think there was a problem either。
Yingzi gritted her teeth,I knew I would not be a hero,Rush to pay,This is just great,For a meal here, I’m afraid she will lose all the money she has saved for more than 20 years。
But thinking about Xia Chenglong’s first time out of the mountain,Successfully passed verification today,Give it a good rub。
If you go back, elder brother scolds you,Eat this meal,How to drop!
“No,Nothing,very good,let’s go!”
Seeing that Yingzi is so strong that he is gone,Really offended him。
Xia Chenglong walked over,Quietly said in the ear of the other party。
Yingzi was shocked:“I rely on,Certification in the Martial Arts Association gives so much money,Didn’t we send it?”
unconsciously,Yingzi has regarded Xia Chenglong as one of them。
I don’t care about it,Live with these people,It will be Xia Chenglong’s happiest time。
“and so,Let’s go!”