Two pops,Accompanied by Wang Yong’s screams,He knelt directly on the ground。

Then the two men in suits straightened Wang Yong’s hands,Lift the pipe again without hesitation。
I heard two clicks again,Wang Yong screamed again,But it’s not so loud,But the intense pain made him tremble all over。
at this time,His face is full of blood,Protruding orbit,Limbs abolished,All body limp on the ground,Body shaking slightly,Teeth trembling,Hum painfully.Chant。
Qin Feng stepped forward,Looked at Wang Yong’s appearance,As if to check,See if the hit is in place。
Then he squatted down in front of Wang Yong,Grinned:“If you threaten me again,I don’t mind pulling your tongue out and smashing it!”
Wang Yong heard this,Directly highlight a mouthful of blood。
Qin Feng got up,With two men in suits:“Let’s go,next。”
rTwo bedrooms and one living room in a small community in a village in the city on the outskirts of the city,Ge Bin is wearing big pants,Shirtless,Lying on the sofa,Smoking a cigarette,Blowing fan。
Because he has been wary of tax evasion,cheathState subsidies exposed,Prepared for myself
Such a place。
Mixed here,The security check is not strict,Bought here,I used the ID of a playmate when he was a kid。
It can be said,Except for his playmate,No one can find here,He can avoid the wind here。