“what,It’s nothing,I think two people are married,It’s better to have a baby earlier。”Qin Xibei said awkwardly。

“Want children?I never thought about this。”Jiang Yan didn’t expect Qin Xibei to say this,Looking at Qin Xibei with an incredible look。
“Then you must fall in love with your boyfriend at first sight,How else would you agree to the result?,Talk about,Who are you two chasing after?”Qin Xibei is afraid of what Jiang Yan will see,So quickly find a topic to change。
Of course,Even after she asked this question herself,I think I’m idiotic enough to ask,The chief executive of a listed group。
Why would you actively pursue it?,But then again,In Qin Xibei’s eyes, Qin Feng is the best man in the world,none of them。
So it’s not uncommon for any woman to chase him,And according to her knowledge of Qin Feng,Average woman,Even after him,He may not agree,Let alone married。
but,Qin Xibei chatted with Qin Feng before,I’m too lazy,In fact, Qin Feng cares about Jiang Yan very much,That’s why she was very curious about their relationship。
Qin Xibei also thought about asking Qin Feng,But she also knows,Qin Feng can’t tell the truth to himself,So simply,By the opportunity to chat with Jiang Yan alone,Ask all the things you are curious about。
“This matter,It’s really weird,If i said,Sister Xibe, don’t laugh at me。”Jiang Yan thinks it’s funny now,But her reaction,I really have a dead heart。
“how could be,See you so happy,I envy it’s too late。”Qin Xibei became more interested in listening,It seems that these two people really have a story。
“Actually the two of us are not love at first sight,It’s not part of being together for a long time,But tied together abruptly。”Jiang Yan is a little embarrassed
“Oh?Are there any arrangements now?,Can tie two people together?”Qin Xibei asked without understanding。
“Is an old man from two families……”Jiang Yan stopped as he said。
“Agreed by both parents?”Qin Xibei thought Jiang Yan thought of something sad,But Jiang Yan wants to say,So that Qin Feng won’t lose face。
“Be it,It’s just that neither of us have parents,We all have only one grandpa。”Jiang Yan replied。