After the beginning of autumn, health remember this word!

3 health care key + 9 recipes to keep you safe!

After the beginning of autumn, health remember this word!
3 health care key + 9 recipes to keep you safe!

August 7th autumn.

After the autumn, the weather is “hot”, and it continues the summer heat, and it is “dry”!

Therefore, after the beginning of autumn, health remember a word – run!

Run dry and nourish the lungs is the focus of health after the fall.

Chinese medicine believes that the lung is the main autumn, and dry is the main air of autumn, the lung is “small”, not cold and hot, and the lungs communicate with the outside through the nose, so it is easy to be injured by autumn dryness, dry nostrils, dry throat, skinDry, dry hair, red urine, dry stool and other discomfort.

The three principles of the autumn health, eat less spicy and more lungs, pay attention to eat less pepper, ginger and other spicy food, barbecue should also eat less.

After the fall, the climate gradually dries. If you eat spicy food, it is not good for raising the lungs.

You can eat more lotus root, lotus root, lily, white fungus, nourishing yin and moistening dryness, thirst, and lungs and cough.

Second, eat less watermelon and eat more beans after the fall, eat less watermelon and other cold fruits, especially the elderly mostly spleen and stomach cold, so as not to hurt the spleen and stomach, causing diarrhea.

Beans have the function of strengthening the spleen and dampness.

You can drink more three bean soup (mung bean, red bean, black bean), which can clear away heat and detoxify, spleen and dampness.

Third, do not blow the cool breeze, do not overly cool the wind, open air conditioning, it is best to avoid the skin directly blown by the wind, especially sensitive skin on the face and neck, may wish to cover the neck with silk scarf.

Li Qiu’s health recipes eat three dishes in the autumn.

Cauliflower – prevent the cold season from alternating, the climate change is impermanent, the human body is difficult to adapt at one time, and the immunity is unknowingly falling. At this time, it is easy for the cold virus to take advantage of it.

Adding enough vitamin C is a good way to prevent colds.

Cauliflower contains more vitamin C than Chinese cabbage and soybean sprouts?
4 times, it is also a very good vascular scavenger.


Spinach-ulcerative oral ulcers begin to dry in the early autumn. Once vegetables, fruits, and water are insufficient, they are easy to get angry. The mouth will also have ulcers and inflammation.

The rich riboflavin in spinach is an important nutrient for the prevention of oral ulcers, cheilitis, glossitis and dermatitis.


Celery-hypotension promotes the summer and autumn alternating seasons of sleep, temperature difference penetration, morning and evening cold, noon heat, for the elderly with more sensitive body, the body is difficult to adapt to this change immediately, directly affecting the endocrine and nervous system, leading to sleepdecline in quality.

Celery has the effect of lowering blood pressure, lowering cholesterol and calming mind.

Li Qi eats three kinds of melons.

Loofah – fragrant laxative loofah can be eaten from the late spring to early autumn, diuretic and cooling blood, detoxification and laxative effect.

Steamed loofah, add minced meat and minced garlic, cook it with a little steaming, and sprinkle with seafood soy sauce. The taste is very good.


Papaya – dry and intestine papaya in addition to fruit, one autumn, you can use it to drink soup, hydrating and drying.

Papaya toxic enzymes can also help digestion, suitable for constipation and indigestion.


Melon-heating appetizer is still high in early autumn, many people have bad appetite, and the meat and melon are cooked together to ensure the intake of vegetables and increase the intake of protein.

The melon has a high content of carotene, which has a certain anti-oxidation effect and a certain hypoglycemic effect.

Li Qiu drink three kinds of soup / porridge.

Barley malt soup – qi and spleen, the weather is still sultry after the autumn, to eat less spicy food, eat more acid, salty food.

Recommend a soup to everyone, not only can heat and heat, but also the effect of qi and spleen.

The main ingredient is barley malt (one or two), and lean pork (four two), melon (six two) and a small amount of dried tangerine peel (25 grams) together with a casserole soup, boiled and simmered under high heat 1?2 hours.

Sydney Lily Juice – Clearing heat and drying dryness after the fall, eat more foods that nourish Yin and moisten the lungs, such as lotus seeds, Chinese yam, lily and so on.

Sydney and lily are added with water, which is hot and moist, and has a good health care effect, especially for people who often cough.


Rape oatmeal – nourishing the stomach after the dry autumn is still the end of the long summer, the weather is still sultry, easy to cause poor appetite, it is recommended to use oatmeal porridge to drink.

The oats are cooked first, then added to the end of the rape to boil.

In addition, the rice is first cooked, and then the yam mud prepared in advance is added to boil.

Drinking properly can nourish the stomach and strengthen the spleen.

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