“Find the right method of restraint,It’s relatively easy to deal with these defective flying boat treasures,But those real masters of the holy city,But not so easy to deal with。”

“Traversed this Zhixu Mountain,It’s close to the Xinghe Valley,It seems that soon,You can enter the maze of strange stars。”
First20chapter Emperor octopus
Star River Valley,Countless golden stars echo each other,Formation power pervades。
A figure suddenly appeared in a seemingly ordinary star,Squinting,The world of heart is firmly locked on this star。
After a while,The figure stomped suddenly,The terrible power that can tear the eternal world,But it can’t cause a tremor of this star,Instead, a counter-shock force hit the shadows。
But when this counter-shock force approaches the figure,But was quietly resolved by the hexagonal formation around the body。
“It really is this star,Finally found it!”
Xinghe Valley,Countless golden stars,So is the maze‘parasitic’In one of the stars。
That’s all,There is a detailed star map,Naturally you can lock a specific location。
However, the position of stars in the Star River Basin actually fluctuates slowly,Each star operates according to specific rules。Although it will not deviate from a long distance,But there are more than a thousand stars near the strange star。