Tomb of the Nine Army、Mausoleum on the hill,There are not many people left who want to continue to compete。

Those who have not reached the strength of the king,Naturally withdrew from this battlefield,Not even one of the attractive brocade boxes,After all, those generals are offensive。
Zhu Minglang glanced around,Seeing that there are not few people who have reached the highest peak。
This surprised him,I did not expect that among the disciples of the major forces,There are so many who have reached the rank of monarch,Not to mention some proud geniuses,Some of them disdain to do such a fight in the imperial capital,Single-mindedly asked。
“Very headache,I, Pu Hanrong, don’t like fighting like this,Beat more。But helpless,My brother told me,Want me to get the deed of Lichuan Dadi,If you are willing to let me,I can quit。”Pu Hanrong is coming,Said with a smile。
“Who is your brother?”Zhu Minglang asked。
“Pu Shiming,One of the leaders of our Pu clan,Hall Master Zi Zonglin,Order from Sichuan。”Pu Hanrong said。
“Since it is the orderer,Why should he worry about Lichuan Dadi??”Zhu Minglang asked。
“I don’t know that。”Pu Hanrong said。
“Actually I am very reasonable……”Zhu Minglang said to Pu Hanrong,“For example, when there is no confidence,It must be a consultation on everything,But unfortunately,I am very confident today。”
“So no discussion?”Pu Hanrong said。
“More than that,It’s too late to leave now,Otherwise, the brocade box you have finally collected,Also all mine。”I wish Minglang a bright smile。
Pu Hanrong’s face turned black。
No wonder Ye Guanghui said,I have never seen such a person in my life。
This guy is really arrogant!