Xia Jian smiled and said:“Where is Song Fang??Let’s not listen to you!”Xia Jian, sit here,His eyes are not on this third brother,But looking around。

Under this view,He understood。Don’t look at so many people around here,Can really find things,It should be this third brother。
The third brother saw that Xia Jian was not shy towards him,He was a little surprised。Xia Jian is asking him for someone,He had to shout:“Bring Song Fang here”
With the sound of footsteps,Song Fang was brought over by two obese women。The first sight of Song Fang,Xia Jian’s anger came up。What are they trying to do?Dare to control people like this?
Song Fang’s messy hair,A look of tiredness。She sat diagonally across from Xia Jian,There were tears in my eyes suddenly。Xia Jian’s anger,See Song Fang like this,So I pressed it back again。
“Sorry for you,You are so busy…”Song Fang said,I’m a little choked。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“It’s nothing!ISZMany friends,Quandang is here to play。What exactly is going on,Just tell me the truth。we are coming,Don’t be afraid of anything”
Xia Jian’s tone is blunt,What he said was for the third brother and the group。He doesn’t believe it,They are doing things wrong,No one is in charge yet。
Song Fang nodded and said:“I came to see my child,Unexpectedly, this ignorant Wang Lijun and her wife Deng Li abused their children。The child’s body is all wounded,I couldn’t see it, so I quarreled with Wang Lijun。Unexpectedly, his wife rushed to hit me”
“In a hurry,Grab the beer bottle on the table,Hit her on the head。It is indeed bleeding,As for whether there is a hole,I really do not know。But she seems to be at work now”Song Fang took a breath,Take the whole thing,I probably told Xia Jian again。
The third brother sitting beside heard Song Fang say this,Eyes can’t help but roar:“What are you talking about?What is only bleeding,Obviously punched a hole,Badly hurt”
“is it!Since the injury is so bad,Then she won’t be raised in the hospital,What class are you going to so soon!”Xia Jian raised his voice,Coldly questioned。
Third brother heard Xia Jian’s tone,Suddenly patted the stone table and roared:“What to do?It seems you are not here to solve the problem?Since this is the case,Take Song Fang away”
“I see who dares?You guys are really bold。You do,Illegal detention,Once the alarm,Your related personnel can go to jail”Xia Jian also roared,Make no compromise。
Wu Wu is quite smart,Seeing Xia Jian’s fire,He rushed behind Song Fang in two steps。Thus,Even if they want to grab someone, it’s not that easy。
Third brother stood up,He stared at Xia Jian with a smile:“Yo ha!Run here to tell me the law lawyer is here?Don’t you think you’re a little tender by doing this”
“how?You mean it is not regulated by law,Does it mean this?”Xia Jian refused to give up,He also stood up。Xia Jian knew,Fight against such a person,You must suppress them first。
But today’s situation is a bit awkward,Because besides the seven or eight people brought by the third brother,The men, women and children standing in this yard,Should be all people。