“Ha ha!Have known you for so long,I don’t know your name is Wang Guilan“Wang Youcai said,Can’t help but swallow。

Wang Guilan sighed and said:“What is called is not just a title,What to pull today?Can you pull more,And took the money to me?“When Wang Guilan said this,A pitiful look。
Wang Youcai smiled and said:“Not just money?Trivial,Today’s spot payment,And I ended up with you from last month,What a big deal??“
“Really!Thank you so much,Don’t you know,My dead ghost just came out of it,People just caught up to demand debts,He is good,Paid off all the money I earned,Now I can’t even make up the rent for a while“Wang Guilan said with a sad face。
Wang Youcai smiled badly and said:“What kind of man is this!What about people now?Isn’t he gambled again??”
“Gamble on,People have gone south early,Called me yesterday,I said you died outside and don’t come back”When Wang Guilan is here,Shook his head with anger。
It seems that every family has a hard-to-read sutra,This is true。Chief Wang Youcai let out a sigh of relief,So he walked over and started to pretend,After loading the noodles, I added a few barrels of oil。He suddenly remembered what Liu Ying had given him,So smiled and asked:“Do you have any big bottle of mustard?”
“Yes!Just behind,Come and see”Wang Guilan wriggled her charming ass and walked in。Wang Youcai quickly followed。
In the lane with rows of rice,Inside is a cardboard box。Wang Guilan walked over,Bent down,Then opened the carton。She bent over,The skirt is lifted up,Showing two white thighs。
Wang Youcai couldn’t control himself at first sight, This place is very hidden,Right for him to do bad things。With this idea, Wang Youcai rushed over in two steps。
“Look at boss Wang,All in big bottles,Genuine goods”Wang Guilan said,Just want to look back。I just feel a tight waist,Wang Youcai has come from behind,Hugged her。
Woman whispered,Said shyly:“do not!Don’t stay here!It’s not good to come in a while”
“Keep silent,I can see it from outside”Wang Youcai said,Both hands are not being honest。Two talents that made him covet for a long time,Has been held by him,Unexpectedly, the boss lady who doesn’t look amazing,Really in stock。
Wang Youcai can’t manage much on a whim,He pushed Wang Guilan down on the rice bag,Lifted her skirt。Wang Guilan is struggling,She whispered:“Don’t be here okay?Come to my house at night”