The edge of the misty space hundreds of thousands of miles away from Huo Tianzun,A rare battle between super powers is coming to an end,The holy emperor’s huge Dharma reality body is already very dim,Like a bonfire left in the wind and rain,Can be extinguished anytime。

And the body of the holy emperor has also been sacrificed by big eyes‘Space kaleidoscope’Cut into countless pieces,This kind of blended disaster、The power of the rules of chaos and annihilation easily broke through the rock-solid body of the holy emperor.,But it also greatly consumes the power of the big eyeballs,The gap between the two sides is not the cultivation base,But the state and understanding of the rules。
Facing the low-level ancestors of the mainland,Big eyeballs are the power of using three negative rules simultaneously for the first time,The tyranny of the holy emperor also silenced and reflected,It seems unwise to treat low-level creatures with contempt,Among them are strong,The real strong。
“You are the strongest in this lower world I have ever seen,Before death,I can let you know who i am。”
“No need,I am not interested。I just can’t catch a glimpse of the final outcome of Ancestor Mainland,Pity。”Holy emperor sneer,But my heart is full of regrets。
“You don’t have to watch,I can tell you the ending,Ruined,But there is a premise,That boy must survive。”
“Oh?You are so confident?”The Holy Emperor naturally knows who the other party is referring to。
“Lao Tzu comes from the future world,Transformation of the past、History can be seen clearly,I won’t let him die,He can’t die。”
“Oh。”The Holy Emperor’s thinking seems a little slow,But the phantom of the Fa-xiang suddenly bloomed again,“Future world?I seem to have been there just now。”
“Not bad,You just visited,But Hu Libatu can’t see anything,Go for nothing,But I’m very curious,How did you come back?”
“like……seem,I was pushed off the cliff,Fell into a bitch,Then came back。”
“what?!”This time it’s the turn of the big eyes to be surprised,“make it clear,You can see clearly what is around Bitan,Like stone……”
I haven’t finished talking about big eyes,The flesh of those holy emperors floating in the void all shattered,Turned into a golden blood mist in the sky,At the same time, the huge phantom of Dharma disappeared suddenly,Then disappeared。
One thousand two hundred and sixty-six chapters Continuing war