The first dangerous building rebuilt project in Beijing

  Chaoyang Guanghua, No. 5, No. 6 building is no longer a dangerous building in the past, and the building is strong and bright. In the two buildings that rebuild the cap, the house in the building has added an independent kitchen and bath.

The reporter Chenggong took the city’s first dangerous building reconstruction pilot – Building 5 Guanghua Li, No. 6, yesterday.

In the past few households, the old building, now has independent kitchen and baths. Next spring, 58 households can get new housing keys. In the CBD Central District, the high rise building of the forest is surrounded by the old town of Guanghua. On the 5th, the outer floor of the No. 6th floor is riser, the three-story new building of the deep red has been present in front of people. "Hey, this big window is more and more hurt, this wall is also strong!" A resident of living nearby said, "My family is also next to it, or it can be transformed." Under the leader, the reporter went into a room that just completed the decoration, with an area of ??about 30 square meters.

Li Rui, the staff of the construction of Fang Fang, said, this is a room in two households, two people share the kitchen and toilet, life is very inconvenient. The old building is heavy, and the new house separates the kitchen and sake of the two families.

  Light Huayi No. 5, Building 6 is the first pilot project of the city’s first dangerous building. "The old building is built in the 1950s, and there is no steel bar in the building.

"Yang Xin, the relevant person in charge of the streets, Yang Xin, said that the house is not strong, plus a long time, frequent problems.

"Every June, here are the focus of our floods, ready to repair the roof.

"In August 2019, the wooden floor of the 5th floor of Guanghua, collapsed, and the bathroom in the third floor collapsed directly to the first floor.

The head of Chaoyang District and the Exchange Street immediately rushed to the scene and quickly completed the evacuation of residents. It has been identified that the two old buildings have been a D-class dangerous building and must be removed.

  According to the policy, the number of households should not change after reconstruction, and the area is unchanged. Residents also put forward: Fiscorn generos, build a new building, if still do not increase the area, do not add kitchen, then it is not worth it. In July last year, the four departments of the Municipal Housing and Construction Committee jointly issued the "Opinions on the implementation of the pilot work of dangerous buildings", and proposed that the dilapidated building can be transformed by rebuilding, reconstructing or proper expansion. The introduction of this policy opened a breakthrough in the renovation of the Direct Building.

  The relevant person in charge of the Chaoyang District Housing and Construction Committee introduced that in principle, in principle, the number of residents is not increased, but the kitchen, bathroom, etc. can be appropriately increased. Follow the principles of "government guidance, residents", the district, the construction committee, the owner of the property rights, and the building street, and the Guanghua Libe is immediately composed of publicity mobilization group, more than 80 times, and the household publicity policy.

  It is of course good to improve living conditions, but many residents also have worry: Most of them are tenants, can you come back? "In order to make everyone peace of mind, we will talk about one household, and the commitment to residents is to improve everyone’s living conditions, and they will definitely move back." Zhang Xiwei, secretary of the party committee of Guanghua, said. "Reconstruction can increase the area of ??the kitchen and bathroom, but how much can increase, where there is an increase, we need to negotiate with the planning department, constantly balance the needs of all parties, seek a best solution.

"Li Rui said, for example, after increasing the kitchen and bathroom, the room area will increase to a certain extent, but the residents of adjacent buildings will also worry about the impact of lighting. At this time, it will need to repeatedly calculate, multi-party consultation. After one year, two new buildings It has been officially capped, and the internal decoration is in progress, and the residents can live in a new home next year.

(Reporter Zhu Songmei) (Original Title: The first dangerous building rebuilt project of the city is rebuilt, and the independent kitchen and waters will be new.