China Petroleum Jilin sales more than double Offer Online shopping is booming

National Day is approaching, Mr. Choi Changchun people these days are busy purchasing holiday merchandise. From the moon cake gift box with visiting friends and relatives, drinks, daily use of the meters, flour, oil, car trunk has been his pretend to be full to the brim.

Compared with supermarkets, Mr. Choi prefers to Chinese CNPC Kunlun hospitality convenience store shopping, close to home, good service, merchandise fidelity, but also often have special offers, which allow Mr. Choi became the store’s loyal customers.

Store staff: "It is not only in Changchun, Jilin Province, China Petroleum gas stations are making all the double promotion, customers single refueling over 150 yuan, you can buy a convenience store domestic sales of goods, you can also enjoy the ‘hospitality Kyrgyzstan ‘micro-channel applets online mall to buy promotional merchandise "staff pick up a box of moon cake, he said:".. we shelves nearly 20 models moon cake gift boxes, priced from tens of dollars to $ 200, and are discount " addition to moon cake, milk, rice oil during the holiday season there are a substantial discount. To the price advantage, service is also rising, so that consumers save money, worry, and effort.

"Customers to purchase online, we can free shipping home, many customers are now shopping with this approach, the feedback is very good.

"Staff said.

Today, the Kunlun hospitality convenience store gas station is already standard, and continuously expanding business, change service, to provide consumers with a better shopping experience.

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