really,The boss continued:“This wedding dress is very beautiful,It also has a very beautiful name。day、Make、Of、wing。”

The boss said the name of the wedding dress word by word,And said to Lin Yuna:“Angel Wings,Is the name of this wedding dress,Isn’t it beautiful!”
Lin Yoona nodded,Said:“Really beautiful!”
Lin Yoona raised her head and glanced at the price on the window,When this is not watching,Lin Yoona is still immersed in the beauty of this wedding dress。
But look at the price,Lin Yoona’s heart suddenly cooled。
Because of such a wedding dress,It’s five hundred and twenty-one million!
Five hundred and twenty ten thousand,This is almost like stealing money,and so,This price is probably why this wedding dress is said to be beautiful,But the main reason for not selling。
Lin Yuner glanced at Xiao Fan embarrassedly。
Although the Lin family now,Want to take out this five hundred and twenty-one million,It’s not difficult,But for such a wedding dress that can only be worn once,As the chairman of a company, Yoona Lin,I immediately felt it was too unworthy。
and so,She said to Xiao Fan:“forget it,too expensive!”
And the lady boss probably guessed that it would end like this,Although it’s a pity,But I didn’t feel so disappointed,after all,this matter,Just be herself,Even if I like it again,She would not spend 5.21 million on a wedding dress of no value for herself。
and so,The boss lady heard Lin Yuner’s words to Xiao Fan,Haven’t waited for Xiao Fan to speak,The lady boss first said to Lin Yoona:
“it does not matter,Miss Lin,If you really like this style of wedding dress,Then there are quite a few wedding dresses in our store that are similar in style,I can take you to see。”
There is nothing wrong with the boss,After all, this wedding dress is too eye-catching,So many people like it,But I can’t sell it。
and so,The boss deliberately selected several wedding dresses with similar styles。
Thus,Satisfying the guests,I made money again。
The lady boss took a look at Lin Yoona,Took another look at Xiao Fan,Lin Yuna’s eyes are always on that wedding dress,And Xiao Fan’s eyes are always on Lin Yuner。
“Just this set!”Xiao Fan said。
Everyone was stunned by Xiao Fan’s words.。