“Where am i wrong?”Although Professor Liu Cixi recognized Lu Menglin,But I didn’t plan to admit defeat.,Asked rhetorically。

This old man is obsessed with science all his life,Anyone in his eyes,Regardless of status,Strength,Not as good as a bunch of data。
Lu Menglin deliberately scowled,Tao:“Everything is wrong!You don’t care about your body,Not enough energy,Only half the effort。If someone falls down,It will increase the workload of everyone。That’s not wrong?”
Liu Cixi was shocked when he heard this,I can’t say anything to refute。
Because the big boss seems right,The entire Hainuo laboratory is spinning,Everyone is exhausted to the limit,Several major issues at hand have not broken through,And somebody can’t hold it anymore,Someone was admitted to the intensive care unit last night,Anyway, other people’s workload is greatly increased。
but,This is just a different perspective,But it can’t be said that Liu Cixi was really wrong。
“You are the boss,You decide!We just want to fix the problem。Human time is running out!”Liu Cixi shook his head and sighed。
What’s more, he doesn’t know the principle of combining work and rest,But he has no time to rest,I dare not stop any research process,Because they have more information about the foreign world,The more we know how weak human beings are facing this unknown world。
The City of Steel may be discovered every day,Those space channels in the earth world,It may be breached at all times,Once these fighting races of Shenmin Continent enter the earth world,Earth and mankind,All to be done!
The biggest problem of Hainuo Lab,There are too many problems to study,But none of the key issues have been resolved。
“Professor Liu,You help me test this thing!”Lu Menglin took out the bottle with the fountain of blessing from his arms,Handed it to Professor Liu’s assistant。
One thousand one hundred and fifteen chapters Spiritual Secret
Including Professor Liu Cixi,All the researchers don’t understand,Even doubt,Why did the big boss suddenly come up with something he didn’t know,Ask them to test the ingredients,Isn’t this delaying everyone??
but,The one in front of me is the master of the city of steel,Is the boss of the secret medicine group,Is the top one among human powers,His request,Must be executed unconditionally。