In Xiao Fan’s opinion,It doesn’t matter if the car is broken,But don’t hit anyone again,if that is true,It’s really not worth the gain。

and so,From the moment Liu Guangguang stepped on the accelerator to start the car,Xiao Fan also became nervous。
Not surprising to Xiao Fan,On the way back,This Liu Guangguang almost hit someone else’s car several times,If it’s not for the opponent’s superb skills,This way,Xiao Fan is really not sure that Liu Fengguang will have several car accidents。
that’s it,Under the fear of Xiao Fan’s journey,They are also“Safe and sound”Arrived at Lin’s villa。
But Xiao Fan thought there would be no more things,When I was relieved,He heard“boom”The sound of。
Xiao Fan’s heart suddenly thumped,Take a look in the rearview mirror immediately,I immediately felt cold,It turned out that this product was reversing,It fell directly on the door on the side of the garage。
Chapter Three Hundred and Fifty Good reason
Everyone is hearing this“boom”when,I chose to get off at the first time,When all of them saw the car crashed into a slumped car due to gravity,Liu Neng and Wang Dahua,This time even if it’s with Liu Guangguang,That face turned pale and pale。
You know this is a luxury car,As far as Liu Neng and his family understand,Even in normal times,A small scratch will cost a lot of maintenance。
but,right now,Because of Liu Guangguang’s mistake,This car is not as simple as a small scratch,That’s a big collapse!
Just so big and deflated,If it is really delivered to the repair shop,That’s a huge sum of money!
Even if Wang Dahua usually spoils Liu Fengjing to the point of lawlessness,At this time, I couldn’t help but glared at Liu Guangguang.,Said:“Scenery,How did you do it,How can you be so careless。”
“grandmother,What should I do,That uselessness won’t make us lose money, right!”Liu Guangguang took Wang Dahua’s hand,Asked eagerly。