“You give him ten million,Clean up the accounts。You remember,To our level,Troubles that can be solved with money,Not a trouble!understand?”

Chai Shao is not convinced,But dare not disobey his father,I just nodded reluctantly。
I thought of giving away tens of millions to Bai Zhiwei,And it’s still out of my account,Of course Shao Chai hurts。
On Hong Kong Island,The voice calling for Bai Zhiwei to come out and explain is getting louder,Especially those legendary players,For their idol,Spontaneously assembled hundreds of people,Let go of your beloved game,Ran to the police station to parade,Made Hong Kong Island police a headache。
Demonstration in the streets,Protest against something,This kind of thing happens frequently to Hong Kong Island residents,And play legendary games,Many are members of the club,They are more familiar with this kind of things。
And this parade,Can’t help but blame Bai Zhiwei in the entertainment industry,Also suspected of being a cover-up act by the police for personal gain,At least one of the service dignitaries can’t escape。
How else did the police car in the video come from??
Hong Kong Island Police who usually show up at the last minute,It was clearly notified by Bai Zhiwei in advance,Arranged to catch people。
These details were picked up by netizens from the video,Comment and analyze,Then it was reprinted by the media on Hong Kong Island,Further aroused heated discussion among citizens。
however,Finally bend the last straw of this incident,She is the most neglected woman in the video,Even Bai Zhiwei himself was before the video was exposed,Almost forgot her existence。
and so,When Zhou Min stepped on the steps of the Central Police Station,Dozens of media reporters directly chased her in。
this moment,Since Zhou Min entered the entertainment industry,Most exposure,The most watched。
Central Police Station is under pressure from the public and the media,Had to hold a press conference on the spot,The location is in the police station lobby。
“Miss Zhou Min,What is your purpose in coming to the police station?You who appeared in that game video before,What do you want to say to the citizens??”A male reporter from Hong Kong Island Ta Kung Pao asked the first question。