You ask why this happens?

Very simple,Because in all countries,You outsider is a blood-sucking worm lying on their bodies to suck blood,It’s not a big problem for a mosquito to suck blood,Lechs can be tolerated,But you became a vampire,Who can bear this?Working together to deal with you is the right way to open。But if you are a native,That’s different,Don’t talk about anything else,At least,The meat is rotten in the pot,Didn’t fall out of the pot。
Fernandez is still small,It’s not very noticeable,You don’t have to wait for Chen Geng’s entire strategic vision to be fully realized,As long as his used car business develops throughout Michigan,Can arouse American vigilance and hostility,Even the politicians he supports should keep their distance from Chen Geng。
but,I have to give up my nationality because of these?Chen Geng’s instinctive rejection。
“boss,I don’t know why you are18Not yet naturalized,Maybe you have your consideration、Have your plan,But I personally think,For you right now,The benefits of naturalization far outweigh the benefits of not being naturalized,in case……”Rosemary gritted her teeth:“If you really have other ideas,After your strength has developed to a certain level,It is entirely possible to join the nationality of another country at some time in the future。”
Yes indeed!
Rosemary’s words reminded Chen Geng,Since Mr. Yang, who won the Nobel Prize, can re-enter American citizenship after a few years,I can also at some stage in the future,Re-join the Chinese nationality。
For myself,What is the most important thing at this stage?It’s not about nationality,But quickly developed、Strengthen yourself……For this purpose,What if I became a US citizen temporarily?I’m in Cao Ying and my heart is in Han。
“it is good,”Chen Geng who made a quick decision,No procrastination,Nodded and said:“Then do it,Find a suitable time for me to become American citizen。”
Rosemary breathed a sigh of relief,She is really worried that Chen Geng has gotten into the corner on this issue,See Chen Geng agreed,She made the second point:“We are not a company that has high requirements for office locations,But the current office space does not match our strength,I think we should change an office location……”
“This is unnecessary,”Not waiting for Rosemary to finish,Chen Geng interrupted her:“We will not change the office location temporarily,But I am going to build a brand new office building。”
I bought such a large piece of land,Not used to build a building, more waste?
“You have this plan,”See Chen Geng has a plan,Rosemary didn’t insist,She doesn’t have to move to a high-end office building to be comfortable,Mainly consider this issue from a business perspective,Facing a large area of steel structure workshops and board houses,No one can believe that this is a strong company,Bad for the company’s development,Now that Chen Geng has a corresponding plan,Then it’s not a problem。
She went on:“You just introduced me the general business structure of our company,boss,Please forgive me for speaking vulgarly,in my opinion,Your management of the company is simply a pile of shit!With the work done by Anderson,Why does he take it10%Business commission?1%Is a serious waste;and also,Your cooperation conditions for those scrap car loan companies in Detroit are so generous that I doubt you are an angel,Your approach is not what a businessman should do……”
“Miss Rosemary,”Chen Geng suddenly interrupted her,Looking at her seriously:“I know you are thinking about the company,But sorry,I don’t plan to make any major adjustments,Are you Americans doing business?,I wish I could make the whole world’s money alone,A business can make money100Dollar,You want to earn150and even200,If you can earn1000That would be better。
But our China is different,We don’t like to do business like this,I don’t want to be too harsh on my partners and employees,I am not a stingy person,I always advocate mutual benefit and win-win,Don’t like to catch fish,I hope that each of my partners can share my development,I think this is a healthy development model。”
PS:Finally in time12Finished before point。Brothers who have always been Chen Geng’s overseas Chinese identity,How do you think about this?