call out——

Qin Feng waved his hand,Threw two throwing knives。The first thing to deal with is of course the men in camouflage uniforms standing in Miyamoto’s Queen.。
But the problem is,Qin Feng can only throw two flying knives at a time,But the camouflage gunner has five or six people。
“rub,You dare to fight back!Crippled him!”Miyamoto was angry when he saw that two of them fell down on his side.。They didn’t attack Qin Feng before because they felt that the situation was under control.。To capture Qin Feng alive is also a matter of grasping。
Who would have thought that Qin Feng would attack suddenly??
But it doesn’t affect,Besides, if Qin Feng is killed。Then he will take Qin Feng’s body back,It can even push the death of Miyamoto Shuzo to Qin Feng。It saves a lot of trouble。But if Qin Feng dies,It doesn’t seem to be easy for him to prove that this person is Jiang Min’s apprentice。
But now this situation does not allow him to think too much,Qin Feng’s death is not important,The important thing is to keep this person。Whether it is captured alive or killed。
After Qin Feng threw two knives,The throwing knives have been exhausted。After all, I have experienced several battles before,He didn’t have time to return home to add。But it doesn’t get in the way,Because there are fewer people here,The terrain environment is more favorable for Qin Feng。
Even when he picked up a few small rubbles on the ground, he could throw them out like throwing knives。Although it is certainly not fatal to these people。
But can quickly bring them down。After all, Qin Feng’s hand strength is not small。Otherwise, the flying knife can’t have that power。
Bang bang!
A few consecutive noises,Then not only the remaining men in camouflage uniforms,Even Miyamoto was hit and collapsed to the ground。
Qin Feng quickly stepped forward,Pull out two throwing knives and start to make up knives on a few camouflage guns。As for Miyamoto Yudai,Qin Feng didn’t intend to kill this person。But Shusa Miyamoto, who was already dying, didn’t know if it was a dying.,Picking up a gun closer to him and pointing it at Miyamoto is a sudden。
Now Qin Feng froze in place,I hesitated when I looked at Miyamoto Shusa。He was afraid that Shuza Miyamoto would shoot him,Fortunately, Qin Feng recovered two flying knives at this time,So he is not afraid of Shusa Miyamoto。
Who knows, Shusa Miyamoto threw the gun aside。And then took it from myself,A box was held in his hand。After opening the box, Qin Feng realized that there was actually a cigar。