According to the country’s current foreign affairs regulations,To facilitate the development of diplomatic work,Diplomats can accept small gifts of low value from foreign friends,But there are strict regulations on the value of gifts,Although I don’t know how much the milk powder from Chen Geng costs,But it’s impossible for such a rich guy to send cheap milk powder?Still full box,I dare not say the value of this box of milk powder,How can it be hundreds of dollars??This is seriously beyond the scope of relevant foreign affairs regulations。

“This friend of Chen Geng is in a special situation,”Although Minister Huang didn’t say too clearly,But it clearly expresses the meaning to:“In the interaction with Chen Geng,In addition to the fact that you must never receive money from the other party,The remaining,You can moderately relax the scale。”
“Yes。”Lian Changheng and Deputy Director Ding responded in unison。
Even if the standard loan,But no matter what Mr. Chen Geng gave,Must report to the organization,This cannot be changed,This is the iron law,No need for Minister Huang to say,Both of them understand in their hearts。
Seeing that Minister Huang did not take the initiative to mention the issue he mentioned earlier,Lian Changheng hesitated,Still reminded:“minister,And that Mr. Chen Geng and United Community Bank……”
Without waiting for Lian Changheng to finish,Minister Huang raised his hand to signal Lian Changheng to speak:He was actually thinking about this issue just now。
Lian Changheng shut up immediately。
“The situation of this United Community Bank,How much do you know?”After pondering for a moment,Minister Huang asked。
Lian Changheng:“Time is tight,We have very limited information,I only know that the total assets of this United Community Bank are about US$1.56 billion.,Is a medium-sized small and medium-sized bank,Ranked in about 70 or 80 among all banks in the United States。”
Minister Huang:“That’s also great。”
Minister Huang slowly and authentic:“In this round of negotiations,We and the United States have reached agreement on several issues,Among them, our official staff can visit、Visit some Chinese and overseas Chinese,HSDDetroit is not far away,When appropriate,Can you visit friends。”