force,Maybe it can really overturn the Oscar,Take off that annoying longan?”Shunzi is still relatively calm。

“Correct!As long as there is a glimmer of hope!We can’t give up the game!”Feng Xichuan uses his charisma,Gathered everyone together again。
“Flower and grass team must win!”
“Since there is no problem,You remember the time of the next game,Tomorrow afternoon14point30Minute,Remember to stop being late for the bench!”Haruno Sakura made a joke。
“Got it!Guaranteed not!Hehehe……”Zhang Song smiled embarrassedly。
“Listen!Lost the game today,I have to practice training tasks at night,No one is allowed to be lazy!”Feng Xichuan glanced at everyone,Command road。
“Got it!Flower and grass team must win!!!”Everyone formed a circle and shouted。
“OK!we are leaving!Thank you for your patient guidance!”Feng Xichuan lowered his head and said gratefully to Haruno Sakura。
“You are Welcome!It’s just my job!correct,You guys actually played well today!Especially the second scene,I almost cried when I saw it……”Haruno Sakura suddenly said。
“amount……really?Do you really think so?It’s actually pretty bad……Hahahaha……”Feng Xichuan scratched his head and smiled badly。
“it is true,Next game,You can come on!Ma Erxi……”Do not know why,After Haruno Sakura said this,,Paused,Look a little green。
“Ma Erxi?How do you know my nickname is Ma Erxi?No one has called me like that for ten years!”Feng Xichuan was very surprised。
“I not only know that your name is Ma Erxi,I still know,When you were young, your family opened a Chinese Traditional Chinese Medicine Massage,Known as a century-old shop,In fact, it is still90for many years……”Haruno Sakura’s eyes twitching,Looks like you see if I’m right。
“This……You know this as well?you……”Feng Xichuan immediately reconsidered the slender little beauty in front of him。
“you……You won’t be Xiaofang?”Feng Xichuan suddenly realized。
“Correct,it is me!Fang Fang!Do you remember?”Haruno Ying smiled and stared at Feng Xichuan with wide eyes。
“How can I not remember?You were when you were a kid!See a doctor from my home,I showed you,And you still owe me money……”Feng Xichuan blurted out。