While talking,Li Hui’s jade hand holding Qin Suya quickly got off the bus.。

Looking at Li Hui, holding Qin Su Yayani fiber,Dong Xiajian felt that a millennium, a millennium, who was looking for, was taken away.。
Directly, you can’t take care of the same eyes in the car.,Directly follow the car。
“Boy,You tell me clearly,My body is good.,No different,Why do you smear me??”
Li Hui also didn’t expect that the other party would actually follow it.。
Immediately, no matter what the other party, I said the truth.。
“Dong Director,What I said is not really going to the hospital.?
Ask me??
Don’t I say that you have already begun?,Sample,The next step is that it is ulceration,Then spread the whole body?
Don’t I say that you will roll your bed with a woman this morning.?”
Finish,Li Xiangli directly pulled Qin Su Ya as headed by Zhou Shengjie to eat.。
It is not only big,And the dishes also make him very much,If it is not the last time I encountered a colored wolf,He will not take the nature of the meal.。
However, it seems to be a lot of distance between Zhou Miao with him after the meal.,At least become a good friend。
Dong Xiaojian looked at the far away from the whole person, was shocked by the other party.。
If it is not very determined that the other party is the village of Lotus Village,He is very likely to doubt that the other party is a dog.,Actually, when did he know how the time in the morning is a matter of rolling sheets?。
His disease,Although I haven’t going to the hospital yet,But he suddenly felt that the other party seems to be true.,Otherwise, the other party will not have such a big one.,Go to the hospital for three。
“Little brother,Little brother,Wait for me,Just now is my fault,Can a little brother can tell me what you are doing??”
Dong Xiajian looked at Li Hui, who was about to disappeared at the corner.,I immediately picked up again regardless of the face.,This time, his attitude is sincere.。
The gesture is also lowered.。
I am a farmer.,Since you have admitted,You will go,I didn’t want to be difficult for you.。”
“Hey-hey,Little brother,Can you leave a contact information?,You are a farmer.,Your home, if you plant fruits,I can recommend a star to your endorsement.,At that time your fruit.,Peanut,Affirmative price double,If you have a little less, you can even help you open the sales in our circle.。”
Dong Xiajian’s words are to wake up Li Hui Feng.,Originally, he still feels that it is to use Xianquan to plant fruits and play out.,If you use a word-of-mouth, it is necessary to be taken for a while.。
But think of Dong Xiajian this person,There is also the scene of Qin Su Ya in the car.,He is still cold and refused.。
“Feel sorry,I don’t have to use these,And even if I endorse, I feel that there is no female star to be more beautiful than me.,Whether it is skin or a body or a face,I can’t compare my nephew.,do you think so?”
“exactly,Xiao brother said,It’s really a hero.,I also look at your nephew is a beautiful woman.,But can the little brother give me a contact information??
do not worry,I just need to contact,Never inquire about your nephew,And maybe I can help you later??”
Listening to two people talking,Qin Suiya is not a shy and happy.。
She didn’t think I was so beautiful in Li Hui’s eyes.,Actually more beautiful than female stars。
The more you think,The more I feel that Li Failee is definitely a confession to her.。
I also immediately took together.,Then I have been earned by her.。
Chapter 71: Red Water
The weak and boneless jade hand once again tightened his own hands.,Li Hui is also a glimpse。
The instinct makes him also tightened Qin Su Ya’s jade hand.,Give the other party an inexplicable power and courage。
“Dong Director,We still have a lot of important things to do,If you are not busy or hurry to the hospital to see it.。”
Li Anti-style completely did not add the idea of the other party WeChat,Because he always feel that the other party is not good for Qin Su.。
But Dong Xiajian is anxious.。
“Little brother,you listen to me,I will never have any bad impact on you.,And since you can see my body’s problem,That should also save me.?”