God can live longevity

God can live longevity

Yan Jizhou: Born in Changshu County, Jiangsu Province in August 1917, he was the director of the Bayi Film Studio, a member of the China Federation of Literary and Art Circles, and a member of the China Film Association.

He has directed more than 50 film and television dramas such as “Haiying”, “Wild Fire Spring Fighting Ancient City”, “Growing in the Battle”, “Heroes and Tigers”.

  In commemoration of the 55th anniversary of the founding of the China Federation of Literary and Art Circles, the author visited the famous film artist and senior director Mr. Yan Jiuzhou.

Yan Lao’s life has almost traveled to every province of the motherland. He has experienced the War of Resistance Against Japan, the war of liberation, eating grass roots, and being hungry. He has passed through the pickles and eaten the taste of the mountains and seas.

In his own words: “A certain kind of suffering has been received, and some kind of blessing has also been enjoyed.

“Strict old thinking is clear, memory is not reduced in the past.

问起他的养生之道,严老回答:“我不懂营养学,也不懂养生学,别人开玩笑说我只懂‘好吃学’,我除了滴酒不沾外,还因为自己属蛇Instead of eating snake meat and jaundice, you can’t think of anything else that you don’t eat, and a bottle of yogurt every day is essential.

Before 1996, Yan Lao had never been to the hospital, seldom took medicine, and did not eat any health care products. He only believed that he would eat three meals a day.

Yan Lao especially loves meat, especially his elbows and pig’s trotters. His motto is “I want to eat and eat,” and his wife Wang Ronghua often criticizes him.

Yan Lao argued: “I also have the right time to eat, just like I love to eat a noodle, love to eat soba noodles, soba noodles, corn paste and other miscellaneous grains, these are very beneficial food for the human body.

This year, the old man is 88 years old, but his ears don’t listen, his eyes don’t cost, he walks back without a camel, his waist is not bent, he can eat and sleep, go to bed at nine o’clock in the evening, his head falls asleep with a pillow, never sleeps, five o’clock in the morningGet up, tea into the belly and go to the small garden in front of the door to bend or write.

“Because everyone can’t see the old state of strictness and ill health, they all praise him “the body is awesome.”

But in fact, Yan has a history of diabetes for 25 years, and also suffers from high blood pressure, prostatic hypertrophy and liver disease.

But he saw this very lightly. He thought that there was a disease to treat, but he could not afford too much mental burden.

He has developed several self-supporting methods for himself: First, no longer recall those unfortunate sad pasts, no longer angry, distressed, complained and angry, throwing it all over the ocean.

As the saying goes: “Angers hurt the liver, sad lungs, sadness, worry about hurting the spleen, fear of hurting the kidneys.

“The experience of the predecessors can not be ignored.

  The second is to find some old friends who are talking about every day to chat, smashing mountains, and going north and south. From the international and domestic to the trivial things, everything is talked about.

They call this kind of leisure “sport therapy”, and the treatment can forget many anecdotes outside the clouds.

  The third is to use your brain every day. The method used is to write in addition to reading and reading newspapers.

Write essays, write memoirs, and write scripts.

Because of the great self-denial, when writing, you must search for the intestines, and you must go to the information to verify.

This way the mind will naturally work.

  Fourth, when going out for a walk every day, there are two words that must be remembered: a smile on the face and a youthful mind on the second.

Smiling with a smile is not a smirk, a strong laugh, a smile on the skin, but a joy from the heart.

Life is stable, family is happy, society is optimistic, and international expectations are getting better. This way, I naturally smile on my face.

And the idea of youth, is not to think about how old I am, is old, not alright, if this is the case – it is bound to be a must-have waist, really become an old generation.

If you think that I am still not old, I am still young, and the age is nothing to be great, then you will instinctively lift your chest, straighten up, and go for a walk happily.

  Yan Lao said: “My own methods of health care, I do not know whether it is suitable for others, but I feel that it is suitable for myself. I often have friends saying that my mentality is good. I think that Shenan can live longer.

In addition, I insisted on cooking and other chores to become exercise, and never slacked in this regard. Over time, I also benefited.