“I’ve never heard of Quan Snake World God practicing《Holy Book of Thousand Body》Or similar magical powers,But his divine body is indeed far beyond the ordinary world。”Li Ming smiled at the chaotic fairy,“It seems that General Hui Lei has to have a hard fight。”

“Brother Ming,Sister Huilei is not as strong as you,But she is also very good at fighting,A spring snake world god can never stop the opponent!”The celestial chaos is not well-known outside,But the status in Tianqiong clan is very high,I still have confidence in the strength of General Hui Lei。
Above the ring,General Hui Lei turned into a blue thunder,Fight against the Izumi Snake World God。
“Chaos God Thunder?”Li Ming took a look,It was discovered that General Hui Lei used a magical secret technique that contained divine thunder。
Different from《Nine Source God Thunder》《Wanjie mixed cave sand》This manipulating energy bombards the opponent’s secret technique。
General Hui Lei performed,But it’s supernatural power thunder,At the same time strengthen the method of the divine body。
Her body,Shine like a blue light and thunder,At the same time it’s also a thunder burst,Thousands of thunder whips hit the lava demon python,Make a lot of magma tumble on the surface of the god body in the spring snake world。
“Humph~,Just this painless attack,Want to hurt me too!”The world god of the spring snake turned into the body roared,A huge divine body hovering in the void,Turned into a sea of fire,Sprayed towards General Hui Lei。
The flame suppresses the blue thunder,General Hui Lei seems to be at a disadvantage。
“It seems we won!”The Red Lotus World God smiled at the Bai Meng World God beside him,“Then General Lei,It’s just that。”
“That’s because you haven’t fought her!”Bai Meng World God smiled,“I have fought her eight times,Although I can suppress her every time,But can’t beat her,On Resilience,He is the leader of all world realms in the entire wilderness。”
“Brother Bai Meng is right。”The myth of the red lotus world is so,But there is a slight mockery inside。
Combat resilience,He can defeat the Red Lotus World God with one punch!
Turn back to the ring,The situation has changed again。
On the field,The god of the spring snake world barely suppressed General Hui Lei,However, when General Hui Lei uses her eternal magic weapon,But instead suppressed the spring snake。
That red thunder spear,Torn the lava,Just one blow created a huge wound on the world god of the spring snake。
Although this wound only lasted for a moment,Was repaired by the lava,But Quan Snake World God is indeed injured!
The god of the spring snake world is not without eternal soldiers,But it can’t use the eternal magic weapon to its full power like General Hui Lei.。