“and also,Just pay more attention to that Li Tianchou……Biao Qi still dare not make trouble,I won’t openly confuse Mahjong,But he might make a fuss about him。”Brother Qiang rubbed his temples,Li Tianchou’s very young face came to mind,calm、calm、stubborn,And a little bit of cynicism……How can it be so like?

There are not many customers in the Internet cafe,It was deserted during peak hours,A bit abnormal,This is also the first time Li Tianchou has noticed the passenger flow in an Internet cafe。Except that Jiu and Depp are boring online,There are no people in Hong Mao。
Saw Li Tianchou coming,Two people stood up almost at the same time,“Big brother。”
“There are few customers today,Red hair is not there?”Li Tianchou smiled and nodded。
“more or less,All this time。Brother Hong Mao answered the phone this afternoon and went out,Not back now。”Depp’s answer is weak。
“Usually like this?It seems this business is not easy。”Li Tianchou’s tentative question,After all, he doesn’t know much about the situation。
“Yes,Brother Hong Mao said last month that he was at a loss,I think this month is almost the same。”
“What’s going on?”
“No money for a new machine,Internet old card,Not many people want to come。Several nearby companies have replaced new machines,I used to play all the time。”Ajiu explained。
“How much does it cost to change the machine?”Li Tianchou doesn’t know how to surf the Internet,But can also understand,Backward equipment,No way to attract customers。
“I use Lenovo now,One is about three or four thousand,Our internet cafe only has twenty machines,It takes eighty to ninety thousand yuan to calculate it.。”
“Well,Not a small number。”Li Tianchou took a breath,It’s a weakness,You need money everywhere the fuck,I am currently the shortest in this regard。“I’m fine,Just come and see,You two keep busy。”Talking,Li Tianchou nodded,Turned around and left the internet cafe。