Every sickness does not produce a bowl of glutinous rice porridge every day.

Every sickness does not produce a bowl of glutinous rice porridge every day.

To get rid of the body’s moisture, the method is very simple, just two “drugs”.

These two medicines can be used as tea, can be eaten as a meal, and can solve big problems. They are glutinous rice and red beans.

These two kinds of things, do not need to be proportioned, grab each hand the same, wash and put in the pot and add water, after the sputum is the best product of phlegm and spleen – glutinous rice red bean porridge.

  The glutinous rice red bean porridge has the advantage that it is not sticky and thick, and the red beans and glutinous rice are always smashed underneath. The above is a light red soup, and most of the active ingredients of glutinous rice and red beans are in the soup.

When you porridge, put some water, these soups are enough for us to drink for a long time, just to drink tea. As for efficacy, it is really a small matter.

Rice, in the traditional Chinese medicine called “Qiren”, “Shen Nong’s Herbal Classic” will be listed as the top grade, it can cure dampness, benefit the stomach, eliminate edema, spleen and stomach, long-term service and light body.

Red beans, which are called “red bean” in traditional Chinese medicine, also have obvious benefits of water, swelling, and spleen and stomach. Because it is red and red, it can also fill the heart.

Modern people have great mental stress, lack of heart, no diet, less exercise, and spleen and dampness.

It is necessary to be damp, but also to replenish the heart, but also to strengthen the spleen and stomach, non-glutinous rice and red beans are none other than.

It is porridge, which means that the active ingredients are fully absorbed by the body, and no burden is placed on the spleen and stomach.

  It is also very interesting about the “swelling” effect of glutinous rice and red beans.

We must not think that swelling is edema.

Look at today’s people, there are at least five or six body blessings in the ten, which is also swollen, called body bloated.

In the view of Chinese medicine, obesity is good, and edema is good, which means that the body is wet.

The water can not flow with the blood, staying between the cells of the human body, so that the body quickly expands.

The edema is so serious that obesity is serious, but the degree is deep and shallow.

Drugs or foods that are extremely moisturizing can eliminate these waters that are trapped in the body and can also reduce swelling.

Therefore, the treatment of edema must use red beans, and practice has proved that glutinous rice red bean porridge has a good weight loss effect, can not only lose weight, but also does not hurt the body, especially for middle-aged and obese people, the effect is particularly good.

  Wet evil is the root cause of all kinds of chronic and intractable diseases in modern times, and glutinous rice red bean soup is the best medicine for treating dampness.

After I have prescribed the prescriptions to the patients, I always have to prescribe some of the precautions in their daily diet. The most talked about is to go back to the glutinous rice red bean soup as a tea.

For patients who do not have this condition, I will let him use glutinous rice and red bean porridge as the staple food for dinner.

  Someone said to me, “When I was adding glutinous rice and red bean porridge, I added a rice. The result was that the porridge was thick, and the taste was called a beauty!

“I said: “Don’t add rice to it!”


Because the rice grows in the water, it contains moisture and is wet and sticky, so the rice is thick.

Red beans and glutinous rice are damp and not wet, so they are not thick and the soup is very clear.

Traditional Chinese medicine is precisely the use of its clear nature to remove the wetness of the human body. Once added to the rice, it is equivalent to adding moisture, so the whole porridge is thick.

Although the taste may be better, it is not necessarily good for health. Because of that rice, all the red beans and glutinous rice are in vain, and the benefits are all.

  In addition to the red bean glutinous rice porridge, you can also learn more about the sex and taste of various foods, and make a difference, and add and subtract yourself to form more dietary prescriptions suitable for your own physique.

In this way, food can truly become a good health product.

  Looks dark, lack of spirit, even palpitations, snooze, heart hollow: glutinous rice red beans plus longan irritability, insomnia, or full-length rash, acne: glutinous rice red beans plus lily, lotus pain in the stomach, poor appetite, afraid of cold:Glutinous rice red beans plus ginger kidney deficiency: glutinous rice red beans plus black bean athlete’s foot: glutinous rice red beans plus soybeans cough: Yimi red beans and pears loss of appetite, body thin: glutinous rice red beans plus yam diarrhea, abdominal pain, diabetes: glutinous rice red beans plus pumpkin body, premature ejaculation,Nocturnal emission, nocturia: glutinous rice red beans plus simmering pregnant women: reduce glutinous rice, add a small amount of jaundice, Codonopsis maternal: reduce glutinous rice, increase jujube, millet, brown sugar, a patient once reflected to me, he and his lover, son insisted on eating every dayRice red bean pumpkin porridge, after eating for 28 days, the stools of three people have become “golden cylinder, banana type”, very smooth.

I said: “Yes, you are very accurate, 28 days, just a biological cycle of the human body.

After a period of conditioning, I finally saw the effect.”