[What blood to eat after giving birth]_Blood_Maternal_How to eat

[What blood to eat after giving birth]_Blood_Maternal_How to eat

Maternal is the most difficult person, because the process of production is extremely painful, and the consumption of the body is very large, especially the loss of qi and blood is more serious, which has the greatest impact on the mother. It is necessary to restore qi and blood as soon as possible to ensure postpartum health.

The diet and blood supplementation is the best way, let’s take a look at what postpartum blood is good to explain the effect.


Longan meat: Longan is also longan, which is a well-known blood-supplementing food in the folk, among which iron is very rich.

The more common way of eating is longan wine, longan gum, longan soup and so on.


Pumpkin: Pumpkin is suffering from plant-based proteins, vitamins, amino acids, inorganic salts and other nutrients, these are excellent nutrients for blood.


Daylily: This is a food with a lot of iron, which is very good for blood, and it also diuretic and stomach.


Dried radishes: Dried radishes are rich in iron, and salted radishes have a special flavor.


Grapes: Grapes are rich in iron, phosphorus, calcium, and a variety of vitamins and amino acids, which have very good nourishing effects for mothers immediately after giving birth.


Hair Vegetables: Hair vegetables contain iron. If you eat them regularly, you can nourish blood and make your hair black.


Carrots: In addition to containing a lot of vitamins, there are carotene needed by the human body, which is very beneficial for blood supply and needs to be eaten more.


Sugarcane: Sugarcane contains calcium, phosphorus, iron and other trace elements. Among them, iron is the highest, so it is called a blood tonic.

But because it is cold food, mothers with cold stomach should eat less.

The several blood-supplementing ingredients introduced above are all effective, which is very helpful to the recovery of qi and blood of the mother. I hope the mothers can learn about it.