Struggling the 100-year road to the new journey · School Party History and Ideological Doctors, I have a new bureau, accurate "docking" – Ningxia Shizuishan City Explore "embedded" pension mode

  Xinhua News Agency, Yinchuan, December 10th: Precision "Dutch" – Ningxia Shizishan City Exploration and Improvement "Embedded" Pension Model Xinhua News Agency is in Yao Ning Xia Shi Mushan City is the second batch of home and community old-age service reform pilots in my country, in recent years , Shizuishan City, Dadukou District Exploration Improves the "Embedded" pension model, and accurately diversify the diverse demand for the elderly in personalized services, and set up new roads on the establishment of home, community and institutions.

  Into the second floor of the people’s livelihood community in the streets of the Renmin Road, Dawukou District, one of the three three two or two old people who can take more than 30 people.

"Since our community belongs to the safe resettlement community, there are many special difficult groups. Some residents have been moved from the resettlement of Ningxia West Higu, many old people have never gone out, let alone enter the cinema, we have not After the proposal of a small person, I decided to build a small cinema to let the residents will watch movies at the door.

"Shen Lingling, secretary of the Community Party Branch, the small cinema has been built in 2018, and every year, it is very popular among the old people.

  The people are hopeful, and the government is right.

In the process of exploring new pension services in Dabukou District, the primary task is to reflect practical and consolidate hardware facilities.

"They want to build a pension service center, we will try to achieve, and must combine the actual needs of the elderly." Shen Lingling said that the beginning of the construction of the old-age service center, in the beginning of more than 700 people over the age of 60 The physical condition and service needs have been fully touched. During the follow-up operation, it will be adjusted in time according to the recommendations of the old people. Entering this more than 1,200 square meters of community home pension service center, full of more than 20 function rooms such as chess room, dance room, and physiotherapy room, and the lounge is divided into men and women.

In the 80, Xu Lin Sheng has a nursing home with a good economic ability, but he is not willing to go. "There is such a good care room at the door. I am so good here, I need a community to help me.

"Reporter understands that in recent years, Dabukou District has also bonded through pilot, cultivating social forces to participate in pension services, actively build a service team combined with professional and volunteers to solve different living needs of the elderly.

  "Through government purchase services, introduce professional social organizations and professional social workers into communities, promote the diversification of home-necting resources, and upgrade from a single service model to multivariate personalized services.

Wu Jianfang, Director of the Civil Affairs Bureau of Dawukou District, said. Combined with access to electronic files, homes collection, etc. "The aging level, family situation, economic income, health factor, education level" is the core multidimensional evaluation system, and divides special difficult groups into ABC three files, providing effective support for government purchase services. In addition, Dabukou District also will Technology and home community pension services, relying on the smart pension service platform, combined with service hotline, all-weather launching "point" pension services, etc., has been accumulated for more than 460,000 services.