[How to make litchi sparkling wine]_ making method _ how to make

[How to make litchi sparkling wine]_ making method _ how to make

“I laughed at the concubine, and nobody knew that it was lychee.” This is the description of lychee. Every spring, various varieties of lychee appear in the market. This meets the people who love to eat lychee. Some people are buying more lychee.Let’s make a variety of litchi snacks, and some people like to use litchi sparkling wine. There are many ways to make litchi sparkling wine, which have different flavors. Let’s take a look.
First, the practice materials of litchi sparkling wine: 500 grams of lychee, the right amount of white wine, the right amount of rock sugar 1, the lychee is washed and controlled with water, and the outer skin is removed for future use.

2. Wash a jar with no water or oil and disinfect the jar with high-grade liquor.

3. Prepare the rock sugar. It is best to break the large pieces a bit, and put a layer of lychee and rock sugar into the bottle.

4. Pour the liquor to 7 or 8 minutes (it must not be filled to prevent the liquor from swelling and overflowing during the fermentation process).

5. When it is full, screw the bottle cap on the bottle with a fresh-keeping bag, and then the rest is to wait quietly.

Second, litchi sparkling matters needing attention 1, the selection of suitable litchi litchi quality directly affects the quality of the wine, so be sure to choose fresh and good quality litchi.

2. After peeling the lychee, put it into a wine bottle and peel the selected lychee directly, leaving the pulp and seeds together with the wine bottle. Be careful not to fill it up. About two-thirds is enough.

When brewing lychee wine, the pulp and seeds must be brewed together, so that more nutrients can be dissolved out, which can be more beneficial to the body.

3. Adding yeast If you want to obtain good quality litchi wine, then you must add fruit wine yeast according to the supplement.

Because most lychees on the market are not fully mature, add some sugar water when adding yeast, stir well and seal the bottle.

4. After taking it for more than ten days, you will notice that the air bubbles in the bottle have decreased. Then you can take it off after a few days.

Litchi wine obtained by this method does not have any additives and has the best health effects on the body after being taken.