Autonomous Region Propaganda Troupe to carry out a special counseling of party history education

Original title: Transforming Party History Learning Education Achievements into Working Power March 30 to 31, the Autonomous Region Propaganda Group, Associate Professor of the Marxist College of Ningxia University Guo Net Ningxia Power Co., Ltd. launched a special counseling of party history education.

Qian Yide’s difficulties and confusion of corporate party members and cadres in the education of party history, profoundly understand the "Why of the Communist Party of China", deeply understand "why Marxism is", "deep understanding" why Chinese characteristics socialism is good "three aspects , Made a wonderful teaching.

He said that establishing the right party history, requiring accurate entities, mainstream nature, correct understanding of the topic of the party’s historical development, important events, important conferences, important people in the history of the party; Just combine learning party history, observe the reality, and promote work, combining the actual problems, carrying out the practice of "I do practical things for the masses", and transform learning results into work motivation and effectiveness, prevent learning and Work "two skin".

"The professor of Qian ‘s lecture is clear, the materials are detailed, and we have a comprehensive master of the 100-year-old party history, and profoundly lead General Xi Jinping’s important speech at the party history and mobilization meeting. Yang Shengping, cadre. Song Liping surrounded the "People’s Communist Party of China" "The Communist Party of China ‘s Historical Experience", "The Communist Party of China", "The Communist Party of China", "The Communist Party of China" "Comprehensive Implementation of Party History Education Education" and other four aspects, and combined The specific actual in our district, deeply clarifies what is the history of learning, what to learn, how to learn, emphasize the history of learning the party in the new era, and promote the importance of the party’s tradition to open a new journey and create a new great significance.

After the report, Song Liping went to Yinchuan East China Exchange Station to exchange interaction with the grassroots party members. The party members of Ningxia Electric Power Co., Ltd. said that the party history promotes the great development history of the Communist Party of China, and also loves the Chinese Communist Party, and transforms the party history to study the results of education into work, based on the position as a country, for Ningxia Develop a new contribution. (Reporter Li Feng Lu Yanhong) (Editor: 梦, Ju Ru).