Celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Tibet University

  On October 16, the 70th anniversary of the Tibet University celebration was held in the Najin Campus of Tibet University.

Celebrating the scene of the conference, the leaders of Tibet University, alumni representatives, and student representatives have witnessed the historic glory of Tibetan.

In the 70th year of the wind, Tibet University has developed more than 80,000 special talents at all levels of tents in 1951, providing important intelligence support for the economic construction and social development of the southwest China, now Innovative talents in our district, scientific research and achievement transformation, high – level decision consultation and national cultural inheritance innovation innovation innovation, an important base for open and exchange of external openings and exchanges. Committed to creating first-class disciplines and professional Tibet University starting from 1951 Tibetan cadres training class, after 70 years of development, schools have explored a success of modern higher education in the highlands of China, and as of now, has accumulated More than 80,000 special talents at all levels have been cultivated, providing important intellectual support for economic construction and social development in Tibet and Southwest my country. The reporter learned that the Tibet University has 53 undergraduate majors (including 4 national specialty majors, 5 autonomous regional specialty majors), covering 10 disciplines such as economics, law, education, and literature. Up to now, the school is selected in the national first-class undergraduate construction point, and 12 provincial first-class undergraduate construction points are selected, and 2 national first-class undergraduate courses were obtained.

  According to the execution of the Dean of Tibet University, Luolu, the existing ecology of Tibet, 2 national key disciplines, Chinese language and literature (Tibetan language and literature), 14 autonomous regional key disciplines.

In 2017, the ecology of Tibet University was successfully selected for the world’s first-class discipline construction, and in the universities of the region, three doctoral primary disciplines authorized by Chinese language and literature, ethics, and ecology, and realized a doctoral degree in colleges and universities in the district. Zero breakthrough.

  Striving for originality, leading scientific research broke through the Director of the Scientific Research Department of Tibet, introduced that in scientific research, Tibet University focused on prospective basic research and key core technologies broke through this main attack direction, continuously gaining original, leading sex Research Breakthrough.

In recent years, the school has undertaken nearly 800 scientific research projects above the provincial and ministerial levels, including 5 national social research funds, 5 key research and development of the Ministry of Science and Technology, and scientific research funds by more than 300 million yuan. It is reported that during the "13th Five-Year Plan", the school undertakes 3 national philosophy and social science funds, 5 key projects, 1 special project item, 1 key project of the National Civil Affairs Committee; 3 National Science and Technology Department 1 item, key project, 53 National Natural Science Foundation of China.

  In addition, schools have won 25-level outstanding scientific achievements in China Tibetan Research, Pearl Prize, Second Prize of National Science and Technology Progress Awards. Promoting teaching ability and student employment work reporters learned from the Personnel of Tibet University. At present, there are 1156 employees in the employee, including 854 specialized teachers and other teachers, and nearly 10,000 people. In addition, the school’s existing book collection has a total of 10,000 books, more than 10,000 e-books, and the total value of teaching scientific research equipment is 100 million yuan.

  In recent years, Tibet University has been reforming innovative entrepreneurial education through solid promotion, and the average employment rate of graduates has reached more than 92%. "The University of Tibet University has been widely praised by the employer. The school has been successfully selected by the first batch of innovative entrepreneurial education reform demonstration colleges." Ding Along, deputy director of the Admissions Office of Tibet, told reporters.

  In addition, Tibet University is the only university with the qualifications of recruiting students in our district. "The school has receiving more than 615 people outside the overseas student, and the source is spread over 44 countries and regions. It has formed a full-scale multi-level international exchange partnership pattern.

"Saati, Director of the International Exchange Cooperation Department of Tibet, said. The 70-year development process, written a generation of people to root the plateau, and go to success, the new journey of socialist modernization, the hidden people will continue to" unite patriotism, " The spirit of selfless dedication, hard struggle, and bravely created first-class ", striving to build a beautiful and happy Tibet to build a bigger and happy Tibet.

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