Autumn skin care 5 strokes are not afraid of skin, skin gas

Autumn skin care 5 strokes are not afraid of skin, “skin” gas

Step / Method 1 Gentle cleaning High temperature in summer, oily condition is serious, the cleaning power of the selected cleaning products is usually overcome. If the washing frequency and high detergency products in summer are continued, the sebum is easily removed, which causes the protection to decrease.And bring dry, sensitive issues.

It is recommended to see the weather, face skin condition instead of mild detergent (such as amino acid products), and reduce the number of face washing, so that the skin will not be sensitive and dry.

2 Strengthening Moisture According to the research, if the temperature drops by one degree, the skin’s oil secretion will be reduced by 10%, the skin’s stratum corneum accumulation will also decrease, dry, sensitive, rough and other conditions will float on the table, strengthening the moisturizing can be said to be autumnThe main event of maintenance.

In the choice of skin care products, in response to the special dryness in autumn, it is easy to cause irritation sensitivity when alternating with the season. It is recommended to choose a product with better moisturizing effect. In addition, after washing your face, you must restore the moisturizing cream on the face to keep the skin warm.To strengthen the moisturizing, you can also use the moisturizing mask and the frozen film to reinforce.

3 conditioning and repairing mature muscles, dry muscles and sensitive muscles should pay special attention to conditioning and repair in autumn. Many skin problems of complications are not caused by allergies, but because the protective power of sebaceous glands is reduced, the skin defense force is worse, plusThe temperature difference between day and night is large, the sun, the dust is irritating, and the skin becomes sensitive.

Damaged sensitive skin is not enough to replenish moisture. It is recommended to use calming, soothing and restorative ingredients (such as aloe vera, oatmeal, licorice, chamomile) to repair the damage of the stratum corneum, improve the skin’s inflammatory damage, and avoid moisture.The loss of the red, the problem of dry itching has an improved effect.

In addition to supplementing sensitive skin care products, the spray-type facial spray has excellent calming and hydrating effects on sensitive muscles, but remember to apply moisturizer after spraying to prevent moisture from evaporating and taking away the moisture on the skin.
4 whitening blemishes fall in the temperature, causing the skin’s metabolism to become sluggish, and the angular layer is thicker.

Although the horny skin protects the skin from damage, the angled layer is too thick, which greatly reduces the permeability of the skin and eliminates the ineffective ingredients of the skin.

Supplement the high-fat skin care products with a moderate massage to completely remove the skin and dirt, make the skin soft and tender, and carry out the metabolism of the skin. Not only the skin will be restored to whiteness, but also the spotted essence can be better absorbed.

5 skin care products should also follow the season of autumn, any skin will obviously appear out of water, so the principle of skin care seasons is all about hydrating.

In the summer, the clean and clean cleansing products should be replaced with moisturizing type to avoid the tightness after washing.

Alcohol-containing lotions can reduce oil control in the summer when oil secretion is strong, but in the fall, it takes away the water that is already insufficient on your skin.

Therefore, oil control and alcohol-containing products have to be collected.

But it should be noted that autumn is not the time to change sunscreen.

Beauty experts recommend that it is best to switch to low-power sunscreen by November, and sunscreen for winter should have a PA value.