After 39 years, the Stuttgart Ballet Onegin overpass theater is staged again

After 39 years, the Stuttgart Ballet “Onegin” overpass theater is staged again
Since the opening of the 4th China International Ballet Season on October 2, 2019, it has lasted 1 month, and 5 performances and 9 performances have been staged in Tianqiao Theater and National Grand Theater.As a heavyweight performance in the performance season: John Kranko’s version of “Onegin” brought by the Stuttgart German Regiment, staged in the Overpass Theater on the evening of November 1.Stills of “Onegin”.Photography / Wang Chongwei John Kranko’s “Onegin” overlapped in a special position in the theater in the second half of the 20th century. John Kranko replaced part of his great 20th-century choreographer.His skillful use of double dance art reached its peak in “Onegin”. In the play, the three main scenes where Onegin and Tatyana met were classic double dances.The first double dance appeared when Tatyana and Onegin met.The second double dance appeared in Tatyana’s dream, a stunning mirror dance.In the dream, Tatyana, who longed for love, repeatedly wiped the mirror, and Onegin really appeared in the mirror.The third double dance is a double dance full of despair.At the end of the show, Tatiana, who was already a woman, was struggling with Onegin, who was repentant.Tatyana struggled intensely with her inner emotions. In the end, Tatyana refused her lover with pain.It is worth mentioning that the Stuttgart Ballet can be said to have a profound friendship with China, and it has an indissoluble bond with the Tianqiao Theater.In 1980, the Stuttgart Ballet’s first performance in China was at the Tianqiao Theater in Beijing. The repertoire was the “Onegin” and another of the group’s famous works “Romeo and Juliet.”This version of “Onegin” was carefully adapted from Tchaikovsky’s musical works, but did not use Tchaikovsky’s opera music of the same name for choreography, instead of replacing his “Four Seasons” suite, composed by GermanyHome, pianist, harpist Kurt-Heinz Stolts carefully arranged according to the needs of the plot.In terms of clothing and setting, the German designer Jurgen Rose reproduced the 19th century Russian scenes and clothing.The meticulous design of all aspects guarantees the audience’s immersive drama viewing experience.Stills of “Onegin”.Photography / Wang Chongwei This time will be Stuttgart’s chief dancers, meritorious dancers Friedman Vogel, Jason Riley and chief dancers Alyssa Bardness, Anna Osad Schenko,Artists such as Jiang Xiaozhen, Roman Nowitzki and others performed the world-renowned dance drama Onegin.It is reported that John Kranko’s version of “Onegin” from the Stuttgart Baseball Group in Germany will perform at the Overpass Theater from November 1st to November 3rd.Sauna, Night Net Editor Liu Zhen Wu Longzhen proofreading Liu Jun