“Each has its own merits!What question are you asking?”Lu Menglin sitting on the sofa,Smiled。

Have a chat with beautiful women,This in itself is a very pleasing thing,Even if you just look at a good figure,Also very satisfied。
“Xiaolu,What type of girl do you like?”Zhou Min boldly,Smile on face,But asked a little nervously inside。
“me?I seem to be bothered,I like more than one type!”Lu Menglin jokingly praised。
When answering this question,The faces of several girls flashed across Lu Menglin’s mind。
however,What concerns him most,Unforgettable person,Still monitor Su Xuehen。
As for her public girlfriend Kim So Yeon,,And Jiang Jinghong who is quite ambiguous,It seems that the status in my heart is not as important as Su Xuehen。
Or,Maybe status is equally important,But Su Xuehen is the one who makes herself the most protective。
As long as you think of Su Xuehen’s danger at any time,Will fall into a terrible whirlpool,Lu Menglin’s heart will suddenly shrink,Feeling of fright。
This is probably messing up if you care!Lu Menglin suddenly wanted to open the legendary game,Go up and see if Leng Yue Wuhen is online。
Maybe only in the game,Only to make him feel a little so close to Su Xuehen。
“what are you thinking about?Miss your girlfriend?”Zhou Min’s voice suddenly rang in her ears,Lu Menglin was shocked。
Zhou Min did not know when he had already returned to the living room,Sit down next to Lu Menglin,Just asked in his ear。