It seems,He is really capable of creating red mist in his own country,This method is too bad!

General Will’s brains are not turning slowly,I suddenly thought of another possibility for future development,And there is a high probability,Very likely to happen。
Once the red zone becomes a battlefield between the two worlds,Red fog has become a strategic resource,This strange fog comes from a foreign land,Not only can transform the earth’s natural environment for exotic creatures,Create an environment more conducive to their survival,And it can also mutate earth creatures including humans,This variation,Is actually a kind of reinforcement。
In order to strengthen the earth’s creatures as soon as possible,Fight against exotic creatures,Then red fog is likely to become an extremely important strategic resource,And the identity of the mutant,It is very likely that there will be no blue zone and red zone in the future,Only the strength is superior,Because in the end,Environment changed,Mutants are also human,And exotic creatures are the enemy of the entire human race,Whether mutant or ordinary human,Have to face their aggression。
And if Lu Menglin really has the ability to create red mist,Short term,Can absorb these mutant refugees in the red zone,In the long term,He is likely to become the largest arms dealer in human society,Become the highly anticipated king of war。
Chapter Seven Hundred and Thirty Two National mutation
obviously,It’s not just General Will that thinks of this,Except for him,General Li Qingsong who stood at the same height also understood。
“Lu Menglin,I support you in principle to accept the civilians in the red zone,Our Chinese military will work closely with you,This is a good thing for the united front of mankind,We will not object。”General Li Qingsong said。
“Yes,I’ll leave this to you!I believe you have the power to convince them。”General Will also stated on the spot。
In fact,Neither of them has much time and Lu Menglin wasted on these side matters,Alien invasion,It’s in fierce fighting now,The human army faces the biggest challenge ever,How can they stay as generals?。
Got the consent of the coalition leader,Lu Menglin walked to Wang Ma,Asked:“what do y’all think?”
Wang Ma and the remaining high-level mutants looked at each other,I think Lu Menglin’s proposal is good,There is only this way,To save the people of the city,And the most important thing is to give the mutants in the red zone a way out,Also has a certain buffer time。
The world pattern is changing drastically every day,at this time,Everyone’s fate feels unpredictable,I don’t know in the torrent of time,Where will it end up。
“Lu Menglin,thank you for your help!We will contact the residents of the city,Move to your side first。In addition,I plan to organize a red zone force composed of high-level mutants,Through the coalition,Directly into the war against alien life。”Wang Ma resolutely said。
Everyone heard the news,Both nodded silently in their hearts,Not surprising。
If Wang Ma promises that all the mutants in the red zone will go to Lu Menglin,It’s strange。