“Does mother have no hands??”

Who knows,Yu Shan paled with anger,Fainted directly。
First34chapter Go to Situ Yan’s house
“lady!”The servant on one side sees this,Hurriedly called the emergency call。
Warm and warm but know she is pretending,I was almost cheated in my last life,Thought of here,Looking at them with cold eyes, they rushed to take Yu Shan to the hospital。
In order not to misunderstand,Warm and Nuan followed to the hospital。
The doctor didn’t find anything wrong,When Yu Shan fainted,No results,Can only say that the patient is too hard。
Yu Shan sits in the office all day,Where’s the hard work?
In a while,Wen Guohao hurried to the hospital,Seeing Yu Shan lying on the hospital bed,Although nothing,But still worried。
“Shan Shan,Are you OK?”
Yu Shan shook her head pretending to be weak,Said that I have nothing to do,But keep frowning,Seems to be holding back something。
No wonder Wen Yunyun is so good at acting,So the mother and daughter were born。
“father!Is sister too much??Mother just wants to care about her body,Then she directly fainted her mother,If there are three long and two short,Yunyun doesn’t want to live anymore!”
Finished,I touched my tears,Looks very pitiful。
Warm and warm your thin eyebrows gently,If I change to the old one, I will definitely feel distressed,Self-blame,I think I hurt Yu Shan。
Hearsay,Wen Guohao’s anger,Watching the warmth standing at the door,Get angry:“Warm and warm!Are you short of tutoring?”
“Yes!I have no one to support!”