Visual inspection,Check if there is any obvious deformation due to high temperature、part,Check for oil stains……

Even the commander-in-chief of Johnson couldn’t be idle,Remind everyone to be safe、Don’t get burned,I rushed to the engine in a hurry,Carefully inspect the condition of the engine casing and various accessory subsystems visually。
But none of this has anything to do with Chen Geng,The engine not only ignites successfully at one time,And completed the continuous thrust、Test of three typical test items of maximum intermediate thrust and maximum thrust,Enough to prove the superiority of this engine,therefore,He couldn’t close his mouth with a smile。
Meng Haibo、Huang Wenqing and others are happier!
Although they did not recommend Chen Geng to continue the maximum thrust test before this,But now that the test has been successfully completed,That’s another matter,Laughing from ear to ear, Meng Haibo loudly ordered people to prepare the celebration banquet;the other side,Made up my mind secretly:Since the engine is fine,You have to invite a few heavyweight leaders to visit“formal”Ignition ceremony,This is a great opportunity to report to the heads of the central government on their achievements.。
As for Huang Wenqing,He finally made up his mind。
“Something?”I almost write on my face“Chairman, I’m looking for you”Huang Wenqing,Chen Geng nodded:“No you say。”
“That’s it,”Huang Wenqing said:“Chairman,You say,Can we think of a way,Sell the engine to Magic City?”
Chen Geng was originally immersed in excitement,I heard Huang Wenqing’s words,I almost bit my tongue:Put“tay”MK950-8CSell to the magic city?!Do you really dare to think,He hurriedly waved:“No no no,MK650Not enough thrust,McDonnell Douglas is planning to engage with Magic CityMD—82The Pratt above·WhitneyJT8D—217ABad engine25Thousand-Nine thrust,No no no……”
McDonnell DouglasMD—82UpJT8D—217AThe engine’s maximum take-off thrust reached89Thousand cattle,“tay”MK650-8CThe maximum thrust is only64.45Thousand cattle,The thrust is too bad, too much,Huang Wenqing is simply fantastic。
“Is notMK650,”Huang Wenqing explained:“Are you still talking to Rawls·Royce signed a contract based on‘tay’Is there an agreement to upgrade the thrust of the series engine?,Next, let’s not only do75Thrust engine,Still to do85Thousand cattle、95Thrust engine,We can sell this kind of engine to Magic City,Do you think this is the reason?”
seem……It’s not bad either。