Two women listen to him,Suddenly feel softened!

Of course they know,Lu Menglin becomes Wu Hao,Undercover alone in Shenmin Continent for so long,I don’t know how much danger I have experienced,It’s not easy!
Compared to the pain of thinking of losing him,Like those long waiting times,Nothing more!
only,The two big beauties are all gambling,And when I came before,The two women have already agreed,Never give him a good face,Let him know how great,So it’s not easy to end in a while,Slow down the atmosphere。
at this time,The door of the meeting room was pushed open,Jiang Jinghong walked in happily,As soon as I saw Su Xuehen and Jin Soyan, two genuine girlfriends were present,She said nothing,Turn around。
“Hey,What are you running?Problems?Have something to say!”Lu Menglin was feeling embarrassed,Seeing Jiang Jinghong coming,Hurriedly called out。
Jiang Jinghong realized that he was a little gaffe,Abruptly stopped,Menglin beckoned to landing,Frowned:“You come out,I have something to tell you!”
“I go out for a while!I will be back soon!No one is allowed to leave!”Lu Menglin hurriedly walked towards the door,Finally found a step down,Can take a breath。
Seeing that Lu Menglin was called out by his old acquaintance Jiang Jinghong,Su Xuehen and Jin Soyan, look at me,I see you,Discomfort appeared on his face。
The eyes of the two women communicated silently,Although he didn’t say anything,But tacitly。
“What a joke!That kid just came back,How could the time be taken up by Jiang?!”
“Yes!Fertilizer does not flow out of the field,You can’t be cut off by a girl surnamed Jiang!”
“We must unanimously,Snatch him back!”