As long as it is operated by suitable means,It can completely make the stock price of Friendship Media, which has just been listed, plummet。

Ding Youyi and his brother hold 70% of the shares of Youyi Media,It’s not the lifting period。
Stock price drop,Make them unable to cash out in a short time!
If you don’t get better,Friendship Media may be delisted!
Wait till that time,Ding Youyi and his brother Ding fight,Will become a pauper!
Although they are still richer than ordinary people in this situation,But compared with their current arrogance and domineering,At that time they were just crossing rats!
Ding friendship and Ding fight,Although some background,But not enough to support their current arrogance。,What sustains them is wealth!
As for what arena status is nonsense,You have no money!
I think Song Wei is too right!
After chatting for a while,Just hung up。
Song Wei and I only met once at Gao Qiang’s wedding,More often than not。
Even so, it doesn’t prevent us from becoming good friends,And very good partners!
Our two trust in each other,May exceed trust in others around you,very many!
After Gao Qiang left,The only one who can trust me like Chen Xin is Song Wei!
Like my classmates Han Chun and Zhou Xiang,I still have certain doubts and conservatives about their limits!