but,Chen Wenjin is not interested,because,He has eaten。

“Ate。Watched three movies today,Eat pizza with my sister at night,Then she accompanied me to eat rice noodles,Just came back to take a shower。”Chen Wenjin guessed that Abao was on his mind,You should get him to drink in advance,And I said before that I will make an appointment after the New Year。
“I feel terrible,Want to chat with you。”Abao thinks that if you don’t talk to Chen Wenjin, you will be suffocated。
“What’s the matter?Isn’t she taking advantage of her prestige??I was cheated of money by a woman?If it’s these things, don’t tell me,Bad heart,I’m generous to you,You run outside and generous。What a silly thing, please feel uncomfortable for yourself,How uncomfortable,How stupid it is to learn a few times。”Chen Wenjin is considering,A Bao’s tone,Since it was not an accident,According to its character,There are two high probability。
“……No,It’s okay,Forget it,Meet again in the next year。”Abao hung up the phone,Keep holding my heart,Thinking,I can’t help but smoke my mouth。
He really has no face to talk about it with Chen Wenjin,Although he expected that Di’s big mouth would definitely promote。
‘Ah ah ah……’Abao yelled in pain,but,After spending more than 20,000 yuan, I can’t get back……
Chen Wenjin hung up and lay down,Not interested in caring about Abao’s thoughts,I know the best guesses,I don’t want to care anymore。
He knew that Leopard’s money would be wasted quickly,When the ruin is almost done,A leopard will start to control,As for how long,It depends on the individual。
People who get rich for the first time are more or less floating,Varying degrees,After experiencing the trough before liberation, I understand humility;I’ll be low-key the second time I get rich,If you experience the trough before liberation again,Then it’s indifferent,Even if we return to the low point before liberation,Can also be calm,Neither sad nor happy。
Chen Wenjin didn’t go out for a few days,Watching a movie with Chen Qian, eating and drinking,Feel more comfortable,I thought of having a family in the future,It’s nice if the siblings meet once a week,Now under the same roof,There should be more good memories in common。
At two o’clock in the morning,the phone is ringing,It’s Hui。
She always dared to call here late,I didn’t dare to talk for too long,Ask each other about the situation,Confide in a few thoughts,Then say good night to each other。
But today,Hui added a word。