Xiang Chen patiently explained to Han Yuxiang,But I didn’t have any hope of explaining。

“This is called Shen Congxin,Very poor,But being poor is not the reason he can hurt others,No matter what you think,As an enforcer,My task is to keep all hidden dangers under control,I can’t let him go!”
Han Yuxiang looks up,Also explained to Xiang Chen,But what I hope is,Xiang Chen can understand deeper meaning。
“about this point,I support you!”
Xiang Chen nodded,Expressed his support for the position of Korean Xiang。
“Remember what to remember,Forgot to change,Change can change,Accept the unchangeable。I have already thought clearly,Korean Xiang doesn’t need to enlighten me,very happy,I can also be a member of the crowd。”Xiang Chen said with a smile。
Korean Xiang smiles without speaking,After the things that used to be taken away,Doesn’t mean it will go back to when there is no such thing,Korean Xiang and Xiang Chen are close at hand,But I knew he was not the same Xiang Chen yesterday,I just don’t want to admit it。
“Then,Thank you for saving me today,I’ll take you here!”
smiling,Wave goodbye to Xiang Chen,Han Yuxiang quietly breathed a sigh of relief。
I watched a lot,Want to meet people;See people a lot,Want to see the sea。
Send you a thousand miles,Finally。
Xiang Chen also smiled and looked at Han Yuxiang,Said:“Goodbye, Officer Han,It seems everyone wants you to work harder,Then I will be more honest,Wish you happy!”
Wave goodbye,I wanted to report to the girl,I might have to fight,Now Xiang Chen feels,It’s better to let him light up less。
Feel a little sad inexplicably,But soon Xiang Chen’s face was soon relieved。Maybe I walked alone in the dark for too long,Like some waiting,Is the most irresistible。