Most people can only tap their genetic potential,Then the potential is hollowed out,There is no room for improvement。

Even if Xin Zhao’s performance is brighter now,For Ducao,Also useless。
“Lena stayed in Xin Zhao’s room for ten minutes today,Two people alone!”Seeing Ducao didn’t care about Xin Zhao’s meaning,Lianfeng brought out another news。
Heard the news,It made Du Kao a little surprised,But then let go。
“Lieyang civilization is rich in resources,It can provide Xin Zhao with further space,It’s just that this German star gun makes our products after all,Lianfeng,Do you know what to do!”
“Got it!”
Chapter Forty Seven It’s another noisy day
“Today’s sun,It’s so noisy!”
Facing the sunrise,Xin Zhao said with a smile。
By his side,Qilin and Qiangwei covered their mouths,Small smile。
Rui Mengmeng looks at Xin Zhao,Sympathy。
“What’s up,Letter,This is cooked by someone!”Ge Xiaolun and Cheng Yaowen come hand in hand,Then I saw a green on Xin Zhao’s face,Grinned。
Cheng Yaowen:“go with,Freeze said,Look at Master Xin like this,I guess I went out and hit the door in a hurry。”
Ge Xiaolun:“That should have broken the door!”
Xin Zhao pointed his finger to the side“You two can’t come back soon,Do you want to run another 100,000 meters?”
End in one sentence,Cheng Yaowen and Ge Xiaolun returned immediately。
“I said Sister Lena was too ruthless,I want to know the shadow area in the heart of Lord Xin?”
“That should be quite big,But here we believe that it’s better to study by yourself,It is estimated that others can’t ask for the shadow of his heart,Have to rely on himself。”