Acupoint massage is the heart of the body health

Acupoint massage is the heart of the body health

[Introduction]Simple dieting requires a lot of perseverance, and once you are overeating, it will cause a nutritional imbalance.

Frequent acupressure, not only can help you resist the temptation of the food, but also accelerate the weight loss process, there is no need to worry about rebounding weight loss.

  [Controlling excessive appetite]If the method of suppressing appetite is inappropriate, it can cause terrible anorexia.

The method of dialysis acupoints can easily suppress appetite without any danger.

Use your fingers to press the “stomach, spleen, large intestine area” on your palm, or use 5-10 calipers until the palms turn red.

Left and right hands each for 2-3 minutes.

The force should be a little bigger, if it is too gentle, it will promote appetite.

  According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, too many acupuncture points on the human ear are directly connected with the center of the brain to control appetite. Stimulating those acupuncture points can reduce appetite and achieve weight loss.

  Control the neonatal index finger to press the right ear for one minute, and change the left ear to do the same.

  The principle of slimming: When the gastrointestinal tract sends a signal of “I am hungry” to the appetite-suppressing hypothalamus, people will have a desire to eat, and the corresponding acupoints can prevent the signal transmission.

  The doctor’s acupoints “stomach, spleen, and large intestine area” are located directly below the index finger on the palm of the hand and are part of the lifeline.

  [Promoting fat and moisture metabolism]”Reverse abdominal breathing” can improve the function of various organs of the internal organs and help burn excess fat and water.

The right hand is down, the left hand is on, and the hands are folded in the position of “Dandian”.

Slowly inhale with your nose while tightening your abdomen. When you reach the limit, spit out the air completely (with your nose or mouth) and then relax your abdomen.

This method can be repeated several times before 5-10 minutes before meals.

  1, reverse abdominal breathing, take the station, sitting slightly.

Slowly inhale with the nasal cavity, while the abdomen is adducted, the chest is lifted up, the transverse section is moved down, the lungs are full of air and then slowly exhaled. When exhaling, the abdomen slowly swells and gradually returns to its original state.

It takes about 7-9 seconds for each breath and 5-8 minutes for each exercise.

  2, the legs are naturally open, the two arms straight up and lifted the back hem, chest collapsed, take a deep breath, make the shoulders, back, waist muscles stretch, stand still for 3-5 seconds, then the upper body is slowSlowly erect and exhale.

When the body feels tired, leave the seat, at least part of it, and feel the body relaxed and stretched.

  The doctor points to the point where the Dantian point is 3-5cm below the navel. When performing the “reverse abdominal breathing method”, always stop the idea at this point.

  [Exquisite facial lines]In order to prevent your facial curve from becoming bloated or ambiguous, you can try this massage method.

Maybe you have the habit of rubbing your cheeks with your hands, plus the acupressure massage of “Lian Lianquan”, there will be unexpected face-lifting effects.

Hold the index of the index finger and middle finger, hold down the “Lian Lianquan” with your thumb, and gently rub from the lower jaw to the underside of the ear.

At the same time, pay attention to using your fingers to stimulate the “finger car.”

  [For physique that is prone to swelling]People with swollen physique often have poor water metabolism. They should strengthen the massage of acupoints in the urinary system. While moving the feet, kneading acupuncture points will achieve the desired effect.

Sitting on the floor, straighten your legs, lift one leg, bend and bend the leg, use the middle finger of both hands to insert the “spring” on the foot, exchange the legs, each time 30 times.

  Eliminate the edema of the legs and continue to stand, sit or walk, it will cause fatigue and even swelling of the legs, and stimulate the flying points to relieve symptoms.

And when you have low back pain, get angry, runny nose, and stuffy nose, you can feel more comfortable by stimulating this method.

  Feiyang Point Location: When you touch the bone on the outside of the Achilles tendon and touch the edge of the calf muscle, you will find this point.

  Key points: Slightly tilting the blood pressure inward, it will be easier to find this point.

You don’t need to make too much effort when you poke, you can feel comfortable with the strength, you can also use the pen to stimulate the acupuncture points.

  When the doctor points to the Yongquan point, he can bend the toe and put it in the middle of the sole of the foot. There is a place where the recess is in, which is the “spring.”

Stimulating this acupuncture point can improve the function of the kidneys and bladder.

  In today’s society, weight loss is very popular, and acupoint massage is also emerging in this trend. There is no side-effect slimming method. Under the control of your efforts, you can get involved in the trend of slimming without the help of others.!